compact camera for travel

A trip is always incomplete without taking photographs.

Today almost everyone has smartphones that allow taking unlimited snaps at one place and one moment bundle of times.

Most of the time, smartphones do not do justice to the beautiful sceneries that you want to capture for the lifetime.

You need a perfect professional touch on every single shot to make it a beautiful memory for the rest of your life.

Best photographs are the only precious moments that can be shared with your acquaintances after the trip and for the rest of the years.

What camera stands best for your vacation?

A DSLR or any other professional camera?

A DSLR is a professional camera that can go quite big and bulky on caring for a recreational trip.

So you need a camera comprising of all the properties of a professional camera.

You need a compact travel camera that is easier to carry in bags and easier to carry in hands.

Why Compact Travel Camera?

When you are leaving for a trip for recreation in a historical place like Rome, Venice, or Turkey, then your prime focus will be on capturing all the beauty restored in the history with your camera.

Or when you are on a hiking trekking expedition on hilly areas or when you want to spend leisure time on the beach, then you will want to save every aspect of nature along with you.

On vacation like that, you need a small, handy, and compact camera for travel.

Here’s Our Top 10 Picks of Best Compact Camera for Travel in 2020.

NoProduct NamePrice
4CANON PowerShot
5Fujifilm Instax Square
6NIKON D7500
9SONY DSC Digital Camera
10OLYMPUS Compact Camera

Features of Best Compact Travel Camera:

When going on a travel, you must decide what features you want on your camera.

  • Now the technological advancements have reduced the size of the camera. The best small camera for travel is small in size and light in weight.
  • A perfect camera is the one that has extra zoom quality. A camera that has perfect zoom lenses without getting them to change is what you need for traveling.
  • For an adventurous trip, you need a camera that is high quality and waterproof.
    If you are planning to take pictures in wet and moist conditions, then you don’t need to worry about a waterproof camera. 
  • Optical image stabilization is a feature that will help you adjust in low light and night mode.
    No matter whatever the condition is, you will get a perfect snap every time.
  •  For a fantastic quality picture, you need to understand the sensor of the camera.
    A camera with a high sensor will provide you a high-quality image.
  • Another vital feature of a travel camera is autofocus. It is essential to have fast and accurate autofocus.
    The camera with a fantastic autofocus feature enables you to take the shot quickly and move on.
  • A mirrorless camera is what you are looking for rather than a DSLR. In DSLR wide and large mirrors, use for the optical viewfinder.
    In a mirrorless camera, there is no viewfinder.

How to Choose the Best One:

The mantra of today’s traveling is traveling light and comfortable with compact luggage.

For traveling in the most versatile and light way, we have narrowed down the list of some portable, budget-friendly, mirrorless and compact cameras for travel.

Here you will get everything on the list of your choice and demand.

Ultimate Buying Guide for Small and Compact Travel Cameras


The best sony compact camera for travel with the zoom you can take along.

SONY is known to be the number one brand in the industry. They provide tons of features in one. It is a compact camera for travel with high functionality.

Take wide range shots at maximum directions.

With the quality of the autofocus, you can directly focus on the targeted location or a person even when you are shaking or moving on a train or a car.

The lens incorporated in it are perfect for capturing portraits and macro background pictures.

It provides exceptional zoom for capturing high-quality images. When taking photographs on higher altitudes or close to nature, you will find clarity in the photos.

The technological advancement has enabled Sony digital camera that provides you a clearer focal point, and you will make a perfect and stable picture.

Moreover, you can quickly transfer your pictures to your loved ones without putting them on a computer.

Enjoy capturing your memorable moments with SONY- RX100VA.

Advantages Disadvantages
4K VideoNo external memory
Fast focus lens and high-speed
Small sensor
Optical steady shot stabilizationFixed lenses
Wifi connectivity

What is the weight of the camera?

It is a small pocket device that holds very light in weight. It weighs only 12 ounces and can be adjusted in the smallest bag pockets of your bag or jacket.

Does it come with an additional battery?

It contains only one lithium battery. It does not provide an additional battery in it.

What is the length of the zoom? 

Its lens can zoom up to 24-70mm. You can see anything minute in distant places very clearly after zooming.


A best compact camera for travel with high resolution, an alternative for DSLR.

Let’s talk about another famous name in manufacturing amazing cameras.

It is one of the most favorite and most reviewed products among the customers.

Never miss any memorable moment with high-quality PANASONIC Lumix.

You will love taking pictures and making videos on high resolution.

If you are an enthusiastic traveler, you will surely fall for this camera as this is the best alternative for big DSLR cameras.

Give your pictures stability and perfection of any location or a person with high-speed and auto-focused lenses. It has high megapixels with retractable lenses.

Now you can take a bright and high-quality picture even in dim light. The videos have a noise reduction feature so that you can make a video of your own featuring you exclusively.

You can also make changes in the features or adjust the settings of the camera only by touching the screen.

It is smooth in function, and you can easily carry it in your bags in a most compact form.

Plus, most importantly, the wifi features enable you to transfer your pictures to your smartphones quickly.

4K videoNo battery life
Fast focus lens and high-speed anti-distortionLCD Display lacks 360 rotation
Optical steady shot stabilization with 16 megapixelsTiny electronic viewfinder
Featuring wifi and 27+ lens optionsLack of microphone jack and SD slot and battery slots have less space

Does it provide a clear video quality than the GX8 shoot?

It is way better than GX8.

What is the minimal focal distance of the lenses?

The kit lens (12-32MM) = 0.2m/0.66ft on the wide end to 0.3m/0.98ft.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it has a warranty.


A Fantastic compact camera for travel with the highest megapixels, for most fantastic shots.

If you want more out of your pictures, then switch to KODAK pix pro compact camera for travel.

Capture your stills with its boundless power of the lens.

You can take fantastic images of yourself in it with its high capacity lens zoom in.

It has a digital LCD screen on its back, which can adjust easily according to your sight level.

You can capture the smallest details and tiniest things in your picture with its highest quality megapixels.

Tell your incredible story of your outing to your friends with its five frame shot burst shots.

Let your stills come alive with its amazing shot burst technology feature.

If taking pictures in the dim light is a problem. Then stop being worried, minimize glare, and maximize the brightness of your image with KODAK digital travel camera.

You can capture your moments even on candlelight dinners or late-night bonfires easily.

65x optical zoom with wifi connectivityLimited dynamic range
LCD digital screen with rotationPictures in bright light are washed out
Optical steady shot stabilization with 20 megapixelsRuns battery quickly on HDR mode
720p with HD video

Does it come with the extra battery?

No, it does not come with an extra battery.

Does it have an external memory slot?

NO, it does not have an external memory slot.

Is there any neck strap or a strap for hanging?

Yes, there is a strap for hanging around the neck.

4. CANON PowerShot

Best compact camera for travel, cheaper than before with CANON PowerShot.

Do you want numerable features in one camera with an affordable price range?

CANON PowerShot is one of the compact cameras for travel, which is small in size and quite handy at an affordable price.

Canon PowerShot is an amazing, stylish, and slim camera that comprises optical zoom quality.

It enhances the image up to 10 times, and you can see a closer aspect quite clearly.

Are you fond of posting pictures of traveling on your social media sites?

Then you have a perfect option here; CANON PowerShot is highly compatible with all the android and IOS devices.

You can easily share multiple shots through your smartphones by directly linking them with your cameras.

Moreover, the built-in wifi technology enables the camera with sharing.

The vacations in beautiful places do not allow you to come back without making videos.

You can easily record vivid and bright videos with high-quality noise and image.

No matter how many photos you take during your vacation, the battery of the camera does not drain fast.

And keep taking pictures in dim light, you will find a perfect quality at every click.

10x optical zoom with high wifi  connectivityLimited dynamic range
The camera is intelligent and automaticNeeds a cable to attach with the laptop
High-quality image with 20 megapixelsIn high light, the high-quality camera print makes the image white and unrecognizable
720p with HD videoAdjust features before taking pictures

Does it have a memory slot for external memory?

There is an extra memory slot for keeping the extended number of photographs.

What is the size and weight of this compact little camera?

The camera is 3.8 x 2.2 x 0.9 in. (95.3 x 56.8 x 23.6mm). And weight also approximately 5 ounces.

5. Fujifilm Instax Square

The best COMPACT camera for travel with a hybrid blend, bring creativity in pictures.

Are you a creative person who likes to make journals for their travel?

If yes, then this hybrid camera is one of the primary necessities to fill your experiences with the color of your memories.

Fujifilm Instax square camera is for taking interesting instills and directly converting them into prints.

Enjoy the retro look of your photographs and print them out whenever and wherever you want.

You can easily edit your favorite pictures in various editors. It has an LCD screen where you can see and process images at the instant.

You can easily store images on the external memory card. You will not feel difficulty in holding and operating this compact camera for travel due to its focused design.

The lens is also in the center to keep the position and your location in its place.

Hybrid cameraNot internal memory contains external memory slot
Contains many editors for making and editing fantastic photosNot a digital camera lack all the features of a perfect digital camera
Adjust the brightness of your imageLow-quality pictures in dim and low light
Give your photos a creative look

State the dimensions of the product?

6.5 x 6.5 x 5 inches and square in shape.

Does it have wifi connectivity?

It does not have wifi connectivity. You have to connect to your computer or laptop with a cable.

Does it have a flashlight for dim light?

It has a flashlight with multiple functions. The user must know to operate the camera for the right use and time.

6. NIKON D7500

If you desire to make your memories longlasting, then take a hold on the NIKON, which is an incredible travel camera.

This is the most creative camera for the new generation to take amazing pictures for your travel.

Do you want to capture every single detail of your vacation, from quite a distance? It has a powerful focusing system that works from a long-range.

Low lights and dim surroundings are not a problem. It has a high number of pixels for capturing high-quality images.

Though it is a little bigger than usual compact cameras and has a design that provides a deeper grip to your hands, moreover you can see wider images on the 3.2 inches touch screen.

Nikon has a perfect blend of both the digital camera and a DSLR. You can balance the brightness of your picture correctly.

You can easily share your snaps on social networks directly from it.

You can take the pictures at your favorite destinations with perfection and ease.

Plus, create a less distraction in pictures by blurring the others out in the snaps.

180,00o pixel RGB sensorNo vertical grip ability
Powerful focus system with a 3.2-inch touchscreenThe crop frame 4k is not efficient enough
950 shots in one battery with backup photos; saves memory
Give your photos a creative look with the highest quality

What is the size of the camera?

4.96 x 8.74 x 6.85 in dimensions.

What is the maximum resolution of the camera?

It has a maximum resolution of around 20.8p.

Does this come with a battery or a charger?

Yes, it comes with the battery and the charger in the box.

7. AKASO EK700

The best compact waterproof camera for travel, capture amazing stills in water.

Add versatility to your photos with replete of amazing features and excellent quality of images. It is a fast and yet most potent photo capturer.

Don’t miss your precious moment with this 12 megapixel AKASO EK 700.

It is a highly compact and portable camera for traveling.

Are you an underwater diver?

Do you love river rafting or underwater swimming?

Then you would love to capture amazing pictures in the water. You have made the right choice if you are thinking of buying this product.

This is a waterproof camera. Use a wider angle of view for capturing a full image.

One more convenient feature is the remote control. You can wear the remote on your hand to control your camera on the go.

Instantly share your photos with your friends and family with high wifi connectivity.

You can put on the dashboard of your car with its multifunctional loop recording.

You can turn it on-screen rotation and mount the action in a car without holding.

Waterproof cameraRemote control is super convenient but not waterproof
Multifunctional action cameraBattery life is low
Remote control operationThe capacity of the camera is less
Professional video quality with 1080p

Does it come with a memory slot and memory card?

No, it does not come with a memory card.

Does it come with the display screen?

Yes, it comes with a 2-inch large display. You can enjoy the large visibility on the screen.

Does it work underwater?

Yes, it works underwater quite well, It is waterproof.


A Portable mirrorless Compact camera for travel, for taking extraordinary shots.

Are you looking for a camera for beginners?

Then you have come to the right place to make the right choice.

Panasonic Lumix is one of the most reviewed and used small cameras for travel during traveling.

It is a travel-friendly, highly compact that you can even put it in your pocket while roaming the streets or camping in a wild forest.

Suitable pictures are just one click away from you.

No matter if you are taking pictures in a night or bright light in the rising sun. An excellent picture will be taken with extraordinary print with its 16-megapixel lenses.

You can also take pictures from distant places. The autofocus of the camera is impressive. It always gives you a clearer and focused picture without distortion.

With Panasonic Lumix G7, you can make your stills unmissable, shoot, select, and save with 4k feature.

Every little moment is precious on a journey and will be kept for a lifetime.

MOS sensor with 16 megapixelComparatively higher price than other
Live viewfinder helps automatically in bright light to take perfect snapsYou require an external memory card to save 4k videos
Wifi Connectivity

Can I take pictures in bright lights? Would it go white if I take in the high intensity of light?

No, it does not go white in the high intensity of light; it has a feature of the automatic viewfinder, which helps you to take pictures in all light conditions.

9. SONY DSC Digital Camera

Compact Superfast Camera for Travel, adding versatility to your picture.

If you are fond of taking selfies on every single occasion, making vlogs for your friends and family, then you do not only need a smartphone for that.

For enjoying even brighter and quality experiences of selfies, try new SONY DSC digital compact camera.

Its 180 degrees large LCD frame let you easily take your memorable selfies. It is highly light in weight, small and portable. You can take it anywhere and everywhere you want.

You can zoom even the farthest places or people while taking the picture with the extra zoom-in feature.

It allows you to take beautiful, bright, and sharp images without making it blur.

Plus, you do not need to worry about its battery drainage even when you are taking more than 400 snaps at a time.

Moreover sharing will be more comfortable with your friends.

You do not need to connect long wires or cables. Its wifi connectivity and near field connection make it easier to share as many pictures as you want on a single touch away.

High-resolution LCD monitor screenBad in low light
30x zoomFlashlight does not pop automatically
Intelligent action mode with steady shots
Extra speedy with large battery time

Can I take pictures in dim light?

Yes, you can take pictures in dim light after enabling the feature of the flashlight.

Can I make big videos on it?

Yes, you can make great videos on movie mode.

10. OLYMPUS Compact Camera

The best mirrorless camera for travel, for unmissable moments every time.

So to fulfill your thirst for creativity and to capture perfect, we have another fantastic travel camera on the list.

It is highly compact for traveling, and you can capture unmissable moments every time.

It is beautifully built in the latest technology and classic design. It gives you a feel of vintage cameras.

You can take sharp and bright images with its 5x image stabilization feature.

One of the most amazing features used in it’s in engineering is the marriage of autofocus and viewfinder aspect.

It enables you to move the autofocus point to your desired person or an object.

For making it more clearer try to use the viewfinder.

For all the nature lovers, make your favorite place memorable by taking the time-lapse 4k image.

Boost your image quality on every trip with its extraordinary features.

Fast autofocusComplex and detailed menu
Easy control panel with image stabilizationManual usage is more
Access to lens your desire
Built-in flashlight

Is it a mirrorless camera?

Yes, it is a beautiful mirrorless camera.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a one year warranty.

Making memories with the Best Compact Cameras for Travelling:

We have gone through the features of every product after using and capturing snaps with it.

Each recommendation is fantastic to be used in its own sense.

We have carefully shortlisted the best picks, which can serve you in your future travels at its best.

In this modern age, no one can travel farther and on attractive locations without a perfect blend of a professional camera in hands.

Our Top picks:

Before selecting the small and compact camera for your travel, you will have to decide the criteria on which you need a particular brand.

The choice of the camera depends on your demand.

Here we give a quick sneak peek on the above list of our top picks:

Do you need high resolution?
Nikon is the best option.

Do you need autofocus?
Canon is what you need.

Do you want a hybrid camera for capturing and printing?
Fujifilm is to make you more creative.

For all-purpose professional blend?
You need the Panasonic and Sony.

Do you need a contemporary looking digital travel camera?
You need the OLYMPUS travel camera for operational fit.

Do you want a highly compact all small size camera?
You need SONY digital compact travel camera for keeping it in a pocket.

Don’t forget to make your every moment memorable and precious for you and your loved ones by extraordinary stills with your favorite pick.

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  1. Hi, I have a quick question for you. I’m shopping for a new DSLR and my buddy was telling me not to consider anything but a Nikon or Canon. Do you have a preference there? Or is there another brand that you think is just as good but maybe cheaper? I’m looking for the best bang for my buck really. Thanks!

    • They both offer better autofocus, resolution, and overall performance from less expensive DSLRs for a relatively small increase in price. While the Nikon is slightly lighter and will give you a marginally better battery life, the biggest benefit will come from the sensor. In the end, it all depends on your Use if you’re going to use it in Travel then our this List of best Compact Travel Camera is the best list otherwise you can choose your preferences.


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