Traveling to Europe -is generally popular among the younger generations.

But for an older travel-feeling generation, Europe is the ultimate destination in terms of culture, class, and old-world charm.

10 of the best hair dryer for travel to europe

Having now visited the world’s central and southern continents (Iceland, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, and Greece) and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay).

I am becoming increasingly convinced that Europe is not just a “white man’s land” (even though the continental U.S. didn’t turn out quite so white).

Who wants to have limp, frizzy, and wet hair when on a recreational tour in Europe?

Staying up to date, comfortable, and well-styled hair in any outfit is the new mantra.

Mostly hotel hair dryers or professional hair dryers have adverse effects on your hair.

They give you tussle free and gorgeous styling for a short time but don’t have a lasting impact.

Plus, they run heavy on your budget.

So to cut those expenses, to makes your hair manageable and voluminous every day on a trip, you need a compact and lightweight hairdryer.

And if you are planning to go on vacation in Europe, then you must know the specific features of the best hairdryer.

A good travel hair dryer must be selected very sensibly. An insufficient hairdryer can go hard on your hair.

It’s important to know what you need in a hairdryer so that you can choose wisely.

Buying Best Travel Hair Dryer For Europe Guide:

Before buying a particular travel hair dryer following main specs must be kept under consideration:

  • Compact
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Dual voltage
  • Powerful

1. Berta 1875W Folding Hair Dryer

Are you looking for an innovative, safe, and handy hairdryer?
Are you going to travel to Europe with your friends?
Do you always need to stay ready and upbeat?

Then Berta hairdryer is all that you need while leaving for a vacation. It is highly affordable, convenient, and efficient to use.

You need a blow dryer that provides a lasting finish to your hair.

It works quickly on your wet hair. It has double ionic technology, which ensures your hair a salon-quality blow out in less time.

We want to draw your attention to its multiple techniques used in this hairdryer.

The titanium grills used in the dryer help it to emit negative ions, which provide extra shine to your hair and help you manages your hair efficiently.

Its handle is foldable and is quite lightweight. You can put it comfortably anywhere in your luggage in a small way. It is stylish to use everywhere.

Most importantly, it is a dual voltage blower. It is most convenient to use at home as well as on trips.

Plus, it has two setting speeds; you can either blow your hair with hot or with fresh air.

2. Revlon Hair Dryer

Get ready for the perfect professional look with Revlon blow dryers.

Revlon hairdryer is a universal dual voltage, and you can use it easily at home or on your dream destination in Europe. Revlon promises to get the hair you love to carry.

You can enjoy its lightweight and quiet hairstyling. Adding up here is the advanced technology used in its making.

The three-layer ceramic coating protects your hair from overheating and saves you from hair damage. Plus, it quickly dries hair from inside out.

It has ionic technology that boosts up your hair, adds volume, and makes them frizz-free.

Moreover, it adds versatility to your style with dual speed and heat setting. No matter whatever your hair type is, you will enjoy using the Revlon hairdryer.

Make your stay in lavish hotels quiet and calm. And speed up your mornings with this revolutionary hairdryer.

This is probably known to be the best travel hair dryer.

3. Panasonic Hair Dryer

If you are planning to go on a Europe trip, then you don’t need to worry about wandering in wet hair. Panasonic is known to be the best travel hair dryer.

Stay well dressed and tuned with an ultra-fast and low noise hairdryer. If the noise of the hairdryers gives you a headache, then do not think twice while going for this.

It is highly compact, and the handle is foldable. The concentrate nozzle provides the styling of your hair in abundant ways.

You can easily adjust it in your bags with other accessories. Unlike other travel hairdryers, it is not dual voltage.

Hence you will need a transformer or a plug adaptor to make it work in Europe and foreign countries alike.

4. BaByliss Hair Dryer

Are you finding a combo of different features gathered in one hairdryer? BaByliss is the best travel hair dryer comprising of numerable features.

It is compact, lightweight, and stylish. What makes it even better is that it can be used on an overseas trip easily.

It has a foldable handle and can be adjusted in any corner of your bag.

It has six heat and speed setting options. Plus, the most appealing aspect of Babyliss travel hair dryer is the removable filter, which makes its cleaning cool.

It comprises a concentrated nozzle, which provides you a wide range of styling options. So stop getting late due to wet and lifeless hair, it dries your hair instantly.

You will not regret your purchase and will get to know why this is known to be an extraordinary travel Hair Dryer.

5. Conair 1600W Hair Dryer

If you are planning to travel the world and want your hair to look super stylish. Then thinking, again and again, is useless while selecting the Conair Hair Dryer.

Conair Hair Dryer is a small, handy, and foldable handle. It has everything which you need to travel farther places at quite an affordable price.

It has a superpower that means you can dry your hair within a few minutes. It is a small hairdryer for long length hair.

It saves your time and space in bags. You can take it on your trip to Europe easily because it comes with dual voltage and multiple heats and setting buttons.

You can adjust it just according to your demand and need.

6. Remington 1875W Hair Dryer

Are you one of those who are always worried about their curly and frizzy hair?

Make your hair frizz-free, with this most amazing Remington Travel Hair Dryer. This one is highly lightweight and has significant power, which helps you manage your hair without any problem.

Talking about its more features, let me add one of the most exciting aspects that it has eco-setting.

Despite having a significant power, if you set it in mid setting, it saves energy. Furthermore, it is the dual voltage with ionic technology giving your hair a lasting shine.

You can set the temperature just according to your need as it has three heat settings and two-speed setting buttons.

You can call it a perfect travel hair dryer as it is quite handy, compact, and fits in the smallest spaces in your bag without causing a disturbance.

You will find it the most necessary accessory for your trip to Europe.

7. Andis Travel Hair Dryer

If you want silky smooth hair while going out on a recreational tour.

Andis travel Hair Dryer is known to be the best among a few brands.

It has enormous power and makes your hair dry within no time. The ionic technology helps you reduce frizz and gives your hair a silky touch.

One of the most fantastic features is that it has a retractable cord. It minimizes the extra space in your bag, and the foldable handle makes it compact.

You can carry it in your valise or your handbags with comfort.

You can let your travel partners stay sound asleep in hotel rooms while using it. It is engineered with extra quiet operation with maximum airflow.

It is a fantastic product with multiple settings and heat buttons. If you avoid using too much heat to your hair, then set it on medium or low heat setting. You will enjoy this product during your stay in Europe.

8. Hot Tool Professional

It is clear by its name that it is a highly professional product which gives you a salon look whether at home or on vacation. Buying hot tool travel hair dryer will reduce your drying time.

You don’t need to hold it for long for drying your long thick locks.

The ion technology enhance shine and provides a fantastic look to your hair. It has high power, yet it is quite compact to keep in a small bag.

The vibrant colors enhance the feel of the professional product. Moreover, the dual voltage makes it compatible to use in trips across the world. 

If you have curly hair or straight hair, you don’t need to worry at all while having this in your backpack.

It comes with a concentrated nozzle so that you can enjoy the salon feel on your recreational trips. This is why hot tool Professional hair dryers are called best travel hair dryers.

9. ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer

ZOOMATTE is a convenient and compact travel Hair Dryer. It is best known for traveling. It is quite light in weight, small in size, and with foldable handles.

You can easily carry them in your handbags because it will not take much space.

Are you often afraid of blow-drying your kid’s hair?

ZOOMATTE has a unique feature; it plays delicately on the kids’ hair. Its temperature does not exceed 45 degrees protecting the natural moisture of kids’ scalp, and low volume saves your kids from discomfort.

It comes with dual heat and speed settings. You can quickly elongate the cord from your dressing table as it is 6 feet in length.

The velvety-soft matte finish makes you feel soothing and relaxed while holding.

If you are leaving for Europe, then you need to be vigilant to carry a converter with you. Unlike others, it is not dual voltage.

10. WAZOR Pro-Professional Travel Hair Dryer

Do you want an excellent product for the Europe trip? We have selected another very amazing, fully-featured product for you.

WAZOR travel Hair Dryer is known for its extraordinary professional features.

It comes with a foldable handle with a compact design so that you can place them in your luggage wherever you want.

The dual voltage makes it worthwhile to be used in Europe. There is an exclusive lock button for the cool breeze.

If too much heat irritates you then switch your blower on the cool button. The two heat setting button makes it customizable.

The negative ion technology minimizes frizz in less time, and concentrate nozzle gives you a salon look immediately.

Hence it is a great product to be used at home as well as on trips to Europe.

What is the difference between a Travel Hair Dryer and a Professional Hair Dryer?

There are so many options for the best hair dryers in the market. You must be mindful of specific differences while selecting the travel hairdryer.

A professional hairdryer comes with a lot of attachments. A professional hairdryer has to be used in a salon or by a professional hairstylist.

So they are big and have many accessories along, like concentrators, diffusers, and combs.

So the question here is, what are concentrators, diffusers, and combs for?

What good they do to your hair?

Professional hair dryers are often made according to the different hair types.

Some of you might have straight and limp hair.

To give your hair a voluminous look and outward or inward curls, concentrate nozzle is attached to the hairdryer.

While using it with a brush, you can easily give your hair a look you desire.

On the other hand, it’s a diffuser. It’s a big brush like a nozzle. Do you have curly hair? Do you find it tough to make them manageable?

Professionals have the solution for it. The diffuser nozzle manages your curly hair efficiently. Plus, they add volume on the top of your head without any backcomb.

People with flat hair need not worry because you can make your hair bumpy and curly with the diffuser.

Comb attachment comes for the most frizzy or extra curly hair. The blow of the dryer help makes you manage your hair with ease and comfort.

In the retrospect of the above-quoted information. We have travel hairdryers which come with the amalgamation of these different attachments.

To cope with all types of hair. Particularly combs and diffusers are large, so travel hair dryer does not accompany them. Concentrators mostly come with travel hairdryer.

Why we need a compact and powerful Travel hairdryer?

When traveling, you need everything in concise. You need just the right things, which you can use while going.

A travel hair dryer must be a compact onesmall and handy, which can easily be adjusted in your suitcases.

Here don’t assume that a small size hairdryer means less power. Many blow dryers are tiny and yet possess a significant ability.

So if you are going for a small size dryer, don’t worry about the potential.

For more compact features, many brands have made a foldable handle of the dryers.

You can easily fold them and keep them in a hand carrying bag.

Why is the dual voltage necessary for a Travel hairdryer?

Before selecting a hairdryer for a trip. You must know that the hair dryer has dual voltage.

 What is dual voltage, and why it is necessary?

To dry your hair properly on a trip, especially when going to Europe, you must know the voltage.

In Europe, the outlets have 220 volts, while in other continents it’s 110 volts.

Dual voltage means that your dryer can work wherever you go. A dual voltage blow dryer has two voltage options: 110-120V and 220-240V.

It can work in Europe and as well as in other continents too.

With a dual voltage hair dryer, you can adjust the voltage on two grids. Either on high or low. You will not face problems on the trip to Europe.

How can you use a Travel hairdryer in Europe if it is not dual voltage?

If your device is not carrying a dual voltage feature, then you need a converter. Usually, a hairdryer without the dual voltage feature is 110 volts.

A converter is a little big than the adaptor. The adaptor does not change the voltage of the product; it only changes the shape of the plug.

Hence you need a converter of non-dual voltage travel hairdryer.

All you need to know is to convert the voltage on European standards while you are in Europe. The instruction manual comes with it, which provide a complete detail about it.

Taking Great Care Of Your Hair

Taking care of your hair is very important. You provide all the nutrients to nourish your hair properly.

The primary ingredient to keep your hair healthy is blow-drying.

There are many options for you in the market that comes with the tag of professional hair dryers.

But you have to choose wisely when you are planning to take such a product for a trip.

Make your hair fall in love with the unique travel hair dryers. Choose wisely and make your trip to Europe memorable.

We provide you the best options to make your vacations memorable and unforgettable.

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