Keep your belongings completely secure with the implantation of locks on your luggage.

best luggage locks for international travel safely in 2020

Have you encountered a tragedy of losing your luggage bag while your international travel?

Are you afraid of losing your belongings to a thief while traveling?

To save yours from the discrepancies we brought you a perfect solution.

The luggage locks save you from all the hassle and make you tension free during your traveling.

Now change the way you secure your bags.

There exist multiple options of luggage locks in the market for your ease and convenience.

Why should you lock your bag?

When you are traveling on the airports, you have to leave your luggage bags behind at some point.

Bags have to travel a long distance before reaching you.

If there are no locks on your bags then it is possible that your bags get lost or any thief gets hold on it.

Luggage locks save your luggage bags from unwanted thieves or losing them anywhere.

There are different options for luggage locks in the market for you. You must know your preferences while selecting the type of locks.

On the basis of customers different choices and usage in the international journey we have listed some of the luggage lock types:

Types of luggage locks:

Key locks are one of the most traditional and old-style locks are known to have keys with them.

They are considered to be the strongest of all because they can be opened only with the required key.

If unfortunately, you lost your keys then it would be a harder task for you to open your bag. So try not to forget, or lose your keys of the locks on an international trip

Cable locks are all-purpose locks. They can be used for many things, like backpacks, large suitcases or if you are keeping your stuff in hotel lockers you can put an additional cable lock to secure your possessions.

Cable locks come with a long cable and use a combination number to open it. They are high;y recommended due to their versatility.

Combination locks are for the ones who can not lose their lock keys on a trip. They come without a key and consists of a 3 to 4 digit number to lock it. It’s just like a password set on a device.

It is difficult to open by anyone who does not know the combination. A perfect option for keeping your stuff safe.

Retractable cable locks are very similar to the cable locks. They are just heavier than them. They have a long cable with them which retracts back after using.

They are highly flexible to use for heavy rolling bags or backpacks. They are very user-friendly and convenient for travelers.

Card locks are one of the innovative forms of locks to be used on a trip. They consist of a card to open or close the lock.

They are highly convenient to use because the cards can be easily adjusted inside your pocket or wallets.

On the other hand, you must be keen to keep the card of the lock with you every time. If you lose the card you will find difficulty in opening it.

While selecting for a luggage bag lock you must keep the types of lock-in mind. According to our usability and research-based, we advise you to go for a cable lock with a  combination code.

they stand best for international trips.

Similarly, a good luggage lock that can be easily used in international travels the one which is TSA approved.

They provide complete protection to your bags and saves you from the unnecessary attention of thieves.

What is TSA approved locks?

The best luggage locks are approved on the basis of TSA, which is the short form of Transportation security administration.

The TSA approved locks are used to ensure the security of your bags in international airports.

There are TSA screeners deployed on the airport which inspect, unlock and then relock without damaging it.

The TSA approved locks can be used by the authorities by using a special master key only. The locks which are produced with TSA approval are engineered under travel sentry.

Their designs and bodies are also manufactured under some set standards.

Hence to ensure your 100% security you must buy a luggage lock consisting of TSA approval.

Best Luggage Locks for International Travel

1. Master Lock 4689Q TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Secure your travel by locking with these highly durable luggage locks.

First on the list is a key luggage lock, it is highly durable and small in size. If you are planning to go on an international trip then this is the best option for you.

You will find your bags on the conveyor belt from quite a distance in the airport due to the vibrant colors of the locks. In addition to that, the keyholes are present in front of the locks, for your easy access.

Why choose?

  • TSA approved
  • You will find no difficulty in finding, relocking without damaging.
  • You can open all four locks with one key
  • The lock will not get damage
  • It is highly durable because it is made up of metal
  • You can use it on backpacks, bags, and suitcases of all types.

Why not choose?

  • It is a tough lock but out of a pack of four, one-piece comes out as to be a defective one.

2. 4 Digit Combination padlocks with a Hardened Steel Shackle

Make your mind easy with these four-digit security luggage lock.

Are you looking for a highly durable and tough luggage lock for your stuff safe? Anvil combination lock will prove to be highly effective for keeping all the snatches or unwanted thieves away from your belongings.

It is designed with a zinc alloy with a hardened steel shackle.

The combination digits are in bold black and white color which makes it easily visible for you. The four-digit key makes it impossible for anyone to crack it down easily.

Why choose?

  • This is one of the combination locks with TSA approval.
  • It is small in size but heavy in weight. 
  • The bright yellow light makes it visible from a distance. You can easily locate your bag.
  • It is a hard lock that is not easily breakable. It is better than a chrome luggage lock.

Why not choose?

  • Anvil combination locks are quite light in weight and made up of unbreakable material still it is to be used carefully.
  • The 4 digit combination must be set with higher concentration if the shackle is closed once it would not open on default settings again.

3. Black 4 Pack TSA Approved Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks

Travel the world in confidence with high-security Forge luggage locks.

Lock your luggage bags with forge key locks and keep intruders away from you. You will feel safe and secure when you know that your bags are locked with them.

It has a dimple key lock which is safer than simple key locks. It is more difficult to break or open than any other simple key.

You can travel without the worry of your locks being cut or your luggage left insecure because these locks are 100% TSA approved.

Forge key locks are engineered with durable and rustproof material. There is no plastic used in their making, all made up of zinc alloy which is quite light in weight.

Are you afraid of forgetting combinations?

Do you lose your keys easily on a trip?

Then stop being worried about these key locks.

Why choose?

  • They come with four keys alike. You can use one key for all locks so you can keep other keys in a safe place.
  • In addition to that, it has hardened steel shackles which can withstand high weight up to 150 pounds easily. 
  • You can conveniently use it everywhere in different weather conditions.

Why not choose?

  • The locks are only suitable for big suitcases and luggage bags 
  • Not convenient for the backpacks.

4. Pelican 1500-518-000 1506 TSA Lock

Make yourself at ease while traveling with this tiny yet sturdy luggage lock.

Another great combination luggage lock with a small and sturdy design can become your top pick.

While traveling with large suitcases you can not go on ease if your possessions are not locked up. Make yourself comfortable and secure with Pelican luggage lock.

It is engineered in the most stylish and hard design. It is also TSA approved. You will not find difficulty with the TSA agent unlocking and relocking it again. Moreover, it comes with 99 combinations.

Are you good at playing with numbers so make a quick lock with a 3 digit combination which is also unforgettable.

There are many reasons why you are looking for this lock.

Why choose?

  • First and foremost it is small and secondly, it is cheap.
  • It is hard, great for the travelers, easy to lock and open.
  • It is quite easy to change the combination.
  • One more thing for its recommendation is that it has a long loop so that it can adjust with a lot of baggage.

Why not choose?

  • On the flip side, if we see the display of digits on it, they are very minute that it cannot be easily visible. 
  • Plus the loop tied with it is very thin it may break if it is pulled apart vigorously.

5. Keyless TSA Approved Luggage Locks with Lifetime Card Keys

No need to remember combinations when you have card key luggage locks.

Forget about taking keys with you when traveling.

If you really find it hard to save extra keys or remembering 3 or 4 digit combinations then step yourself into innovation. Talonport keyless luggage lock would be your priority.

It is manufactured of high-quality durable metal construction. Do not break or open easily. It is highly fat in its process. You just need to swipe the card inside and the locks open.

It’s not just a luggage lock, you can use it for various other purposes, like gym lockers, backpacks, purses or laptop bags.

These are highly recommended on the basis of which we offer you to select this product.

Why choose?

  • They have innovative designs. 
  • They are easy and most convenient to use. 
  • They are so lightweight and for your ease, they include four cards. 
  • You don’t need to worry at all if you lose your card somewhere you can use the other one for unlocking. 
  • The cards can easily be adjusted in small wallets or handbags.

Why not choose?

The pack comes with two locks.both the locks have different cards for all locks. It would have been easier if all locks had the same key.

6. TSA Approved With Key For Travel – Flexible Lock Keyed Alike

Travel stress-free with flexible and small travel more luggage locks.

Release your stress while locking your bag with travel more luggage locks. They are sturdy small and flexible locks that lock even the smallest backpacks that you carry along with you.

It has a unique design and a unique way of locking.

The company travels more manufactures accessories, especially for enthusiastic travelers. It is manufactured by zinc alloy which prevents it from rusting.

Moreover, it is TSA approved so you will not face any problem with the TSA agents.

Do you find difficulty in finding your bags on the conveyor belt at the airport?

Don’t need to think twice about that.

Why choose?

  • The travel more luggage locks are available in black and orange colors that make your luggage bag stand out.
  • In addition to that, they have waterproof wires which can be used for a variety of things, like gym lockers, backpacks, suitcases or duffle bags.

Why not choose? According to the pack description

  • The locks contain four keys that are alike work for both the locks
  • The keys are designed in such a manner that they open almost every Travel more luggage lock.

7. Fingerprint Padlock, Deep Dream Bag Lock

Secure your bags with the most innovative and fast technological Deep Dream luggage lock.

Tired of using combinations and keys for locking? You need to use a technological advance device for making locking and traveling fun for you.

Deep dream brings you luggage locks that incorporate your fingerprints for locking and unlocking.

This is an amazing product that ensures your safety with your fingerprint. It is a small padlock that is engineered with rustproof metal with water-resistant and anti-corrosion properties.

Furthermore, it comes with a battery to recharge it. Plus follow the instructions to make it work properly.

Stop worrying about your belongings with this hard device on your bag.

Why choose?

  • It is an innovative product that saves your time from finding keys in the bag or remembering your combination code.
  •  It is an amazing product that can accept up to 10 fingerprints. 
  • It sets up immediately.

Why not choose?

  • You have to be vigilant enough for its charging. If the lock is not charged properly 
  • If you run out of battery at the time of unlocking it would be difficult for you to operate. 
  • One more downside of this is that it is not TSA approved hence you have to be really careful if you are going for international travel.

8. Cable Luggage Locks plus Bonus 4 Foot Steel Cable

Reduce travel stress by securing your belonging with long length cable luggage lock.

Enjoy the experience of securing your bag with dual properties of cable and combination code in one lock. The Lumintrail luggage lock has a long 4 feet cable.

It helps to secure large bags with your other important belongings. Moreover, you can join the zips with this cable not allowing zip pull-ups easily.

This is a TSA approved lock with a clear 3 digit combination code. The code is easily visible as they are in bold and embossed form.

Why choose?

  • You will not face any problem while finding your bag.
  • They are available in vibrant colors available in this product. 
  • You can also change the combination of the locks as many times as you want.  
  • Highly recommended for long trips. 
  • If you want peace of mind and security of your items to the fullest you need not think twice and go for the pick.

Why not choose?

  • If used not wisely then its cable wire is too long which strangles in the zippers and causes difficulty in opening. 
  • It is a perfect option for keeping things safe but if it gets caught by unwanted thieves.
  •  The wires can be easily cut down.

9. Puroma 2 Pack Combination

Keep your stuff safe and secure with this ideal 4 digit combination luggage lock.

Made from zinc alloy and plated steel material provides you cut and corrosion so that you can use it for a longer period of time.

Puroma luggage locks are quite light in weight and it has a side window for your clear visibility of combination.

You can easily set and reset your combination, even up to 10,000 times. Plus it would be easier for you to adjust this lock with anything you carry, due to its 2.5 cm long shackle.

Puroma is a renowned name for providing accessories for your ease. Puroma luggage locks provide you with a lot of different useful aspects.

Why choose?

  • High strength small locks that ensure your safety regardless of the fear of hammering and cutting off.
  • You can easily set the code with its instructions.
  •  They are very stylish and sturdy to carry any luggage bag. 
  • You will definitely find peace of mind during your international trip with this securing your belongings.

Why not choose?

  • These locks are a bit tricky to be used by youngsters. 
  • The combination code must be set under full concentration.
    Otherwise, the lock cannot be unlocked if set not according to the instructions provided.

10. TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Locks, Inspection Indicator

Know if your bag is inspected right away with this unique inspection indicator luggage locks.

To earn peace of mind while you are traveling internationally is all that you want.

For that, we have another very durable option for you. Sure Locks are made of tough alloy body that provides surety to protect from the intruders.

One very interesting feature of these locks is that they indicate to you while your bag is opened by a TSA agent.

They are TSA approved and the inspection indicator proves to be a complete help and satisfaction.

Why choose?

  • The white big numerals on the lock make it more visible to you. 
  • The combination lock is easy to set and reset the lock.
  • They are intensely bright in colors that they can be easily identified from quite a distance. 
  • Moreover, you can not easily tear them apart or break them because of their hard body.
  •  Plus no difficult procedure to set the combination. You can set or reset the combination code several times according to your needs.

Why not choose?

They are quite heavy. The shackle has less space so that’s why they require a good deal of strength to make it lock. Actually you will have to push harder to make both ends join.

Sneak peek to the Best Luggage locks

Airport thefts are quite common these days. To save you from unwanted intruders or thieves, here we have a sneak peek of best luggage locks.

For ultimate security and ease: Lumintrail luggage lock which has dual properties of cable and combination.

For innovation in hands: Deep dream luggage lock which has a fingerprint to lock and unlock.

For fast use: Talonport luggage lock which uses cards instead of keys or combination for fast use.

For vintage looking and firm locking: Forge luggage locks which are available in a pack of four and with extra keys.

Most importantly they have keys like work for all the locks.

For convenient and comfortable international traveling make sure you have just the right things on your wishlist.

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