In the fast-paced world, when you think of traveling on an international basis, you need a highly portable power bank and durable essentials that can upgrade your trip.

Nowadays, no one can deny the importance of technology and its advance uses in traveling.

best portable charger for international travel

Technological advancements have vast influences on the way we travel, the mode of travel, destinations, the time of arrival and departure are also selected utilizing technology that we hold in our hands.

Mobile phones and the internet are amongst one the developments, that have a significant impact on the plans of the people and their experiences. 

Mobile technology is one of the most considerable essentials that play a vital role in the complete guide, entertainer and locator.

Laptops and tablets are also one of the essential mentions here, without which an international journey is impossible.

To make that experience long-lasting and unstoppable, you require such requisites which make their journey problem-free.

During the international travels if you have a long list of adventures and expeditions, or you don’t like to rest or work in one place for long, or if you need constant entertainment.

The latest technology has brought a perfect solution to save you from their greatest fear; going your battery dead.

Power banks or portable chargers are one of the most significant essentials which save your time of charging your phones, laptops, and tablets while sitting in one place.

if you are in the middle of a road trip and you ran out of the battery of your phone how you will get help?

If you are tracking and taking pictures near a mountain or a river and your battery go dead, how you will be able to capture that moment?

If you are sitting away from your office and sending some business files is very important, how you will accomplish the deadline if your laptop gets dead?

To save you from an unpleasant situation, we have got just the right choices.

Here you will find a list of some best portable charger for international travel that has a high capacity battery, compatible and is also Affordable, so you can easily carry them along with you anywhere anytime.

The list consists of the best pick for your guide which you can easily carry on international or long trips.

Best Portable Charger for International Travel

NoProduct NamePrice
1RAV Power Portable Charger
2Anker Power Core
3Memede Power Bank
4FlePow AC Outlet
5Yoobao, Power Bank
6Mophie Power Station
7RAV Laptop Power Charger
8EWEMOSI Portable Laptop charger
9Omars Power Bank
10Sinkeu Portable Laptop Charger

1. RAV Power Portable Charger

When you are thinking of a portable charger with complete features and excellent usability. RAV power bank is the choice.

It has a 20000mAh long-lasting powerful battery and in the affordable price range. Despite its heavy battery it is light in weight and can be easily carried in your bags or hand.

No matter which brand phone you own, it is highly compatible with iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPads. RAV power bank has dual ports that meet all charging needs. Plus you get a speedy charging time as it charges faster, i.e. 2X speed of charging.

If you are traveling through an airplane, then there is not an issue, you can easily charge your device with it while sitting in airplanes. The battery can last for more than 9 hours.

It has a unique and stylish design. The curved edges of the device give you a better feel and three ports allow you to charge the gadgets easily.

It has unique features of protection from high voltage and temperature. Overall it is the best pick as it gives you an edge to use your phone for weeks.

Things we like about this RAV Power Charger?

  • Detailed design and different colors
  • Super-fast charging technology
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Protective and smart

2. Anker Power Core

If you are going on a long-distance tour, your bag pack must contain a device that will make your trip hurdle free. Anker power core is a portable charger that should be considered as the top priority.

It has an external battery of 26800mAh, which gears up your devices faster than any other. It has the capacity to charge a phone 6 times, tablets 2 times and other such USB devices multiple times.

It has three ports and voltage boost technology which ensure to charge three devices at a time. You will enjoy sharing it with your friends.

Moreover, it has a dual micro USB that enables it to charge two times faster than any other device.

So if you have more hours to work you will find your self always ready with all your gadgets ready.

If you want to add fantastic feel all you need to know is about its sleek design and variant colors.

It is light in weight and can easily be carried in bags. It will not take too much space in your bags.

You can even put it in your pockets. Hence it is known to be a travel-friendly device.

Things we like about Anker Power Core?

  • Stylish design
  • Enhanced grip with a matte finish
  •  Accompanying with an elegant pouch
  • Rechargeable in less than 6 hours
  •  Compatibility with many devices
  • Immense charging capacity
  • 18 months warranty
  • Anker trademark
  • 20 million happy customers

3. Memede Power Bank

The Memede device also has multiple features that are worth considering. It has the power of 20000mAh with the super-fast charging.

It has a quick recharging ability with 3 outputs. It has adopted PD technology. It can charge Samsung Galaxy S8 4 times, iPad 1.5 times and iPhone 8 Plus 4 times.

This portable charger has two ports. One port which is type C can charge a device very fast.

One of its unique features is that it has a large LED display that shows the battery sign.

So you don’t need to worry about the battery drain, the LED screen indicates it well. Plus it is designed to be smart and safe.

Things we like about Memede Power Bank?

  • Travel friendly
  • Big battery and less weight
  • Dual cables to charge two devices
  • LED display screen
  • A smart device that protects your device

4. FlePow AC Outlet Portable Charger

If you are an explorer of the long outdoor routes now you don’t need to worry anymore. FlePow power bar is amongst those portable chargers that are providing outdoor green power solutions.

It can serve you many purposes. If you take your laptops with you, then you to keep the FlePow power bar in your bag too.

And to get it charged in those outdoor locations where you cannot get power supply easily, now you can easily gear up your gadgets with this device.

Each of the power bars is designed with high quality and safety. It provides 20000mAh power.

Its AC outlet provides compatibility with the vast range of laptops available in the market.

It is highly portable. It also comes with the USB of C outlet and is compatible with the phones also.

Things we like about FlePow Power Bar?

  • Highly portable
  • Charge on outdoor locations
  • Integrated cables
  • Fast charging
  • Charge itself quickly

5. Yoobao Power Bank

If you are going on a long trip now do not need to worry because here we have a portable charger which has a high power battery; 26800mAh; and can last for 7 days. it has 3 inputs and 2 outputs.

The three input ports are of C type which makes it compatible with other devices.

And the output ports enable it for charging and recharging needs. With the number of ports, you can easily share the device with your friends.

It has one more interesting feature i.e. it has a flashlight.  Low light or no light is not a problem with YooBao.

It also has a LED display screen.

Its manufacturers are offering you loads of benefits for your ease and comfort.

Things we like about Yoobao?

  • Long battery time
  • Charges two devices together
  • 18  months warranty
  • Sling attachment to carry on your arm
  • LED screen

6. Mophie Power Station

Your traveling is made very easy with devices like this which you can carry easily in your pockets. It is one of the lightweight batteries that can be easily carried in the bags also.

It comes with a battery power of 10,000mAh. It has a triple-tested battery and ensures safety performance and operation.

It has a 2.1 amp output that can easily charge smartphones and tablets.

It is the best contrast of heavy battery and lightweight. Plus at affordable price.

Things we like about Mophie?

  • Sleek body design with an aluminum finish
  • Available in different colors
  • Triple-tested battery
  • Lightweight and portable

7. RAV Laptop Power Charger

RAV is one of the top brands offering you such portable chargers for fast charging.

Laptop users this is for you one of the most reviewed and used products. 5-star product and got the most reviews on Top Online Shopping Websites.

It keeps your laptops ready all the time.

Your work can never be delayed if you are on a vacation. Its high power battery; 201000mAh; can charge iPhone up to 5 to 6 times, Samsung Galaxy up to 3 to 7 times and MacBook 1 time.

It consists of two-prong AC output and indicates you to switch on and off the device.

It has the ability to charge two devices at a time. And it gets recharge in less than 5 hours duration. It comes with LED lights and advances protection technology.

Things we like about RAV?

  • Battery indicator
  • Protection technology protecting from short circuit and overheating
  • LED light
  • Extra fast charging

8. EWEMOSI Portable Laptop Charger

A compact yet very efficient charger. It keeps your laptop uninterrupted and you always active. It is a laptop power bank that has a maximum power of 31200mAh.

It has a super large capacity to charge a MacBook and other laptops 1.8 times, iPad mini 4 times, iPhone X 8 times.

It has a shockingly heavy battery still it is lightweight and easily carried in bag packs and your suitcases.

FCC, CE, and RoHS approved, it has achieved the highest safety and quality standards.

The ports are universally compatible with different devices. Moreover, it comes with various types of cables (1 micro USB cable and 1 C type cable).

Things we like about EWEMOSI?

  • Accompanied by different cables
  • Meets the supremacy standard
  • High compatibility
  • Less weight and high battery
  • 12 months warranty

9. Omars Power Bank

When adventures keep you going then take this device along with you. Another heavy battery power bank that provides 26800mAh to the devices.

It has high connectivity. It is customized for the Nintendo switch and USB C laptops.

This is one of the AC outlet laptop chargers that is highly portable and is best known to be carried in the airplanes and far way traveling.

It has two fast-charging technology; USB QC 3.0 and type C cable; which can connect and charge many smartphones and laptops.

It is also compatible with the AC based devices. It can be charged with solar energy.

Are you planning for a camp trip, or are you going on a track?

The low battery of the camera or your cell phone is not an issue if you have this in your bag.

Go pack it in your bag as a basic necessity which does not require a power socket for recharging. The solar panels on it can recharge it quickly with the power of the sun. amazing isn’t it?

Things we like about Omars?

  • Dual charging technology
  • Long battery time
  • Two USB port
  • Solar panel included
  • 12 months warranty

10. Sinkeu Portable Laptop Charger

When you are planning for a long road trip, or a business trip is all that matters to you. You want to keep your laptop always charged and ready other than any device. Then keep a bar of Sinkeu in tour bag along.

It is a portable charger by Sinkue. It comprises of 24000mAh power battery with a 110/65W AC outlet. It is amongst the lightest portable power bank. So you do not need to worry about any extra baggage.

It provides energy to most of the smart devices. It has a high speed of charging and can be recharged easily in less than 4 hours.

It can charge Samsung Galaxy around 8 times and MacBook around 2 times.

This product includes two USB ports with one AC outlet and the other with DC output. This means that the gadget is fully equipped to charge multiple devices.

It is also certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS. Hence the warranty of safety and protection comes with the approval.

Things we like about Sinkeu?

  • High power battery
  • Lightweight
  • Speedy charging
  • Meets the supremacy standards

How to choose the best portable Power Bank for an international trip?

Selection between the above-given list can be a tricky task because each one consists of fascinating features and heavy battery time.

Portable Power Banks for Mobile Phones

To find a power bank which suits you best while you are traveling depends on the following factors:

  • High battery capacity: if you are constantly working on many devices and you are away from the power supply you will require a power bank with high battery capacity.

    The battery can charge your two to three devices simultaneously. Anker power bank or products by RAV are highly recommended. They have more than 100 reviews on Amazon. Customers prefer them the most.
  • Lightweight: if you are traveling on a long route with a lot of luggage you need a portable power bank which is very light in weight.

    The lightweight battery can easily be adjusted and you can sling it on anywhere you want. Mophie chargers are very light in weight and if you are looking for a lightweight plus heavy battery charger than the RAV power battery is the top pick.
  • Compatibility: if you use different devices; laptops, smartphones or tablets all at one time; you need a highly compatible device that serves you with 2 to 3 ports.

    Such portable power banks with high compatibility are the best choice for a person going on business trips. Yoobao power bank is the top pick here.
  • Battery time: if you are going on a road trip or a camping expedition, you require a charger that provides you with a battery time of at least 5 days.

    A power bank that can charge a phone 4 times without battery drain. RAV power battery has got the most reviews on Amazon in this section. It has a big battery and provides longer life to the product attached.
  • Rechargeable: the extended travel on an airplane, a road trip, or a camp, requires a power bank that can be easily recharged in less time. Hence you should choose a power bank that can be easily recharged with a car battery or solar energy.

    We have the option of such devices on board that can be recharged with solar power and in less than 4 hours’ time. The solar panel devices are best in this regard. They use natural power to get recharged completely.

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Why Most Traveler Use Portable Charger?

  • Saves your time
  • Travel partner
  • Easy to carry
  • Not so costly
  • Charges different devices
  • Gives you comfort
  • Run your devices for weeks
  • No extra maintenance required
  • Protective and smart


A portable power bank is not only a useful tool when other smart devices drain after using a single day, but a power bank also increases the life and use of a device.

They are the ultimate solution for those who cannot charge their devices on a regular basis. A portable Charger is best for gadget lovers. They also prove to be worthwhile for those traveling internationally.

They prove to be the best travel partner for the ones who travel on a regular basis, long routes, camp expeditions, road trips or in airplanes.

Portable Power Bank is easy to carry along in a bag and can be easily recharged. It also a useful invention as it charges two to three gadgets at a time.
As we are living in the technological epoch so this invention plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

To make your selection easy we have made this best portable charger for International Travel user guide according to the preferences of every user.

There is a huge amount of choices available so we have categorized every feature in a way that suits best to you.

Our recommendation is based on the result of our use and trial.

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