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For all the frequent travelers who run for the flights daily need not sacrifice their sophistication and style. Get wrinkle-free and neat clothes wherever you travel with the travel garment bags.

There are two types of garment bags; rolling garment and carry on garment bags.

Rolling garment bags are small, handy, and compact for keeping your clothes aligned.

Plus, they come with the rolling wheels, which you can slide them along with you.

The Carry on garment bags is so stylish and handy that keeps your formal attire preserved for all the destinations you travel.

They are available in many shapes, sizes, and different materials.

They are easy to carry on their shoulders. They are so compact that you can comfortably adjust them in the cabin with you.

Our Top Picks of Best Rolling Garment Bag For Travel:

Here are the top picks of the travel garment bags that will keep your clothes safe and secure.

We have selected garment bags, including both the features:

NoProduct NamePrice
1Travelpro Platinum Elite
2Steve Madden
3Travel Select Amsterdam
4MATEIN Carry On
5Samsonite Solyte Softside
6WallyBags Garment Bag
7DELSEY Paris Chatillon Spinner
8Travelers Choice
9Briggs & Riley Baseline

1. Travelpro Platinum Elite Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag

Travelpro platinum rolling garment bag is engineered with premium quality leather, with durable fabric, which ultimately gives you an elegant style and feels.

It has super soft rolling wheels, which allows you to roll your carrying bag easily. You can run along with the bag on the airports and hotel lounges.

For extra storage, there are multiple pockets inside, which allows you to keep your extra things easily folded and separate.

It is a lightweight and sturdy design with adjustable handles. You can easily adjust according to the different heights.

But according to most of the reviews, people who are 6 feet tall or women who wear high heels find this bag not adjusting to their maximum height.

Most find them tripping over while rolling it on long paths. And there are no smooth zippers on the bag. So it becomes a little fuss or take time to close or open the bag.

If you are leaving for a sophisticated business trip, then you will need this rolling garment bag, which adds up in your elite look.

Plus you can arrive with pressed clothes everywhere.

How Many Suits Fit in this Bag without Folding?

It is a huge bag, with a lot of space for the folded stuff and pressed hanged clothes. You can easily pack 2 to 3 dressed suits without getting them wrinkled.

What are the Dimensions of the Bag?

The bag is 9.5 x 22 x 14 inches.

Is it a Waterproof Bag?

As it is made up of high-quality leather and beautiful nylon fabric, it can easily resist water. But not for a more extended time.

2. Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Suitcase Under Seat Bag

If you are going to travel for a two to three days vacation, then this is a decent option for you.

You can run it along with this two-wheeler bag.

Steve Madden is the rolling garment bag that is highly convenient and comfortable to carry.

It is spacious and made up of significant external and internal compartments providing enough room for your stuff.

It is light in weight; you can easily adjust it under the seat while traveling. 

It provides you enough room for your belongings.

But you can not pack your digital gadgets like laptops or cameras in it.

It does not have any protective lining for your delicate stuff.

Steve Madden offers you the most stylish carry on garment bag.

It is of the most fantastic gift that you can give it to someone going travelling. Not to think twice for carrying style and elegance, go for it.

Does this Bag Carry Unfolded or Hanging Clothes Smoothly?

No, you can only carry folded garments with a lot of small stuff, like undergarments, toiletries, socks, or shoes. But there it is not designed to bring hung clothes.

Does it have an Adjustable Handle?

Yes, of course, it has an adjustable handle. You can easily adjust it according to your height, even if you are wearing heels.

Can I put my Laptop along with my other Belongings?

It is a big bag. You can put your laptop with some clothes along with it. If you are going for more than three days, then you will have to pack wisely.

3. Travel Select Business Rolling Garment Bag

Arrive at your favorite destinations clean and wrinkle-free with travel select Amsterdam business rolling garment bag.

It is amazingly refreshing to carry with the adjustable and detachable shoulder straps.

Moreover, it has skates wheels, which make them roll smoothly on airports and hotels floor.

It has a collapsible handle and a carry handle.
So holding the bag for a long time doesn’t make you tired or exhausted.

It is light in weight and has hooks inside to pack your dress suits or long attires in a presentable way.

There are mesh pockets to make your items visible, and there are many compartments with straps that allow you to keep many things at one time safely.

On the contrary, to the above-quoted features, it is essential to note that you can not easily pack shoes inside the bag, especially men’s dress shoes.

There are no separate compartments for shoes.
And it is not suggested for long frequent business travels.
Plus it is not suitable for your camping trips.

What are the Dimensions of the Bag?

21 x 23 x 7 inches, and can carry up to 9.3 pounds.

How many Suits can I pack for my trip?

You can easily pack 3 to 4 suits for a week-long trip. It will keep your clothes wrinkle-free and neat.

4. MATEIN Carry On Garment Bag

Keep yourself organized and presentable with MATEIN carry on garment bags. It is a decent choice for all business travelers.

There are internal main metal compartments to hang three dress suits in pressed form. Small mesh pockets for keeping socks, belts, and shoes.

There are other small compartments in which you can organize your small stuff like chargers, cell phones, or business documents.

You can also carry your notebooks or newspapers in the pockets at the back.

The external is made up of water repellent and nylon fabric. Your stuff will stay clean and dry in it for a longer period.

You can hold the bag comfortably even in rush areas with its bale handle, and adjustable strap makes it even more convenient to use.

It carries all your stuff, providing enormous room, but a lot of pilling up can tear it from the edges. So to pack your stuff wisely is the key to follow while traveling.

Does this Bag have a Hook to Hang it in the Wardrobe?

Yes, it can easily be hung in the wardrobes.

Describe the Size of the Bag?

It is highly spacious for extra belongings. 13 x 11.1 x 4.9 inches and can carry up to 3.25 pounds of weight.

Does it have a Strap to Tie It on the Luggage Bag?

Yes, you can easily tie it with the big rolling luggage bag.

5. Samsonite Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag

Make yourself sturdy with the extremely lightweight Samsonite carry on rolling garment bag.
You can easily roll on with its smooth wheels.

It is a big horizontal bag. You can place a lot of stuff in your bag for your business trips.

Do not need to worry about the creases on your long garments. You can align your long formal outfits in the extended panels of the bag.

Be aware of tripping it over. It has inline skate wheels, which allows you to walk in one direction only. It does not have spinner wheels that roll upright.

You cannot use it for a longer Recreational trip.
It is big and runs low in space for long tours.

Can I Hang this Bag Directly in the Closet?

Yes, you can directly hang it in the closet with the metal hooks present in it.

Are there any Extra Compartments for Shoes?

No, there is no extra compartment for shoes.

Is it a Water-Resistant Bag?

The material used in the bag is excellent but does not make it a thoroughly water-resistant bag.

6. WallyBags Garment Bag

Grab your clothes from your closet and put directly into the WallyBags carry on Garment bags.

They are incredibly light in weight and easy to carry. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free and well organized with these garment bags.

It is made of durable material with water repellent properties. Its superior construction properties allow you to keep it for a long time.

You can directly hang the clothes in the closet with its hangers.

The bag folds in half and handles fasten them together, which do not let your clothes from falling. The handles help you to fix this bag on your trolley quickly.

The wally bag is perfect for holding long bridal dresses if you are traveling for the destination wedding. You can carry your clothing in pressed form without any crease.

It is a fantastic bag to be carried on trips as it holds many clothes together. But the hangers become substantial for containing too many garments together.

It is not appropriate for small stuff, gadgets, and shoes.

How many Clothes this Garment Bag can Carry?

This one can hold six suits at a time but carry with perfection by putting two suits and two dress shirts. It can also easily holds long drapes or bridal dresses when travelling.

Is there any Separate Compartment for Keeping Shoes?

No, there is no extra compartment for keeping shoes. There is only one large zipper compartment for keeping your pressed clothes.

What are the Dimensions of the Bag?

Dimensions: 40L x 22W x 3D (inches) Folded Dimensions: 20L x x22W x 6D (inches)*Length.

7. DELSEY Paris Chatillon Spinner Trolley Garment Bag

DELSEY rolling and carry on Garment bag is one of the most stylish purchases that you will fall in love with it.

It is one of the lightest and durable bags to be carried on the trips. You can smoothly run the bag on its spinner wheels.

It has reinforced corners, and the material is scratch-free. There are corner pockets for keeping extra stuff and shoes, and there are exterior pockets where you can easily access your stuff.

It comes with hanger clips so that you can easily hang your clothes, saving them from wrinkles.

It is a sturdy bag you can use it several times on your travel, but still, it will look new than before.

Though it is a complete package for easy and comfortable traveling, yet it is too large to be used as carrying on bag.

What are the Dimensions of the Bag?

It is 20 inches high and 9.8 inches wide. It is a large bag hence cannot be easily used as carrying on the bag.

How many Clothes can it Carry Easily?

It can easily hold five suits at a time with extra room for your belongings.

8. Travelers Choice Rolling Garment Bag

Here we have another very amazing bag which is the top pick of travelers going on a travel. The traveler choice rolling garment bag is manufactured by high-quality fabric, with a hard shell design.

It is known to be a hybrid. Hybrid in a sense that you can use it for two purposes. It is made up of two types of material one is soft and sturdy, with ballistic fiber, which is hard from outside.

And secondly, it is traditionally upright for garment use.

This two in one bag is for making you comfortable; it is for your easy traveling and the protection of your belongings.

It also provides you completely strategical pockets and compartments for extra stuff.

The wheels glide smoothly on the floor. You can easily handle it with its retractable handle, which provides you grip and ease.

It can be a little more durable on the handle, but zippers last forever.

It is available in two different colors. If you are going on a business trip, then you need not think twice, go for the traveler choice rolling garment bag.

What is the Size of the Bag?

It is a big bag that has dimensions of 8.5 x 15 x 21 inches. It can carry weight up to 11 pounds.

Are there any Spinner Wheels or Skate Wheels?

This bag has the spinner wheels which run smoothly on the floor.

9. Briggs & Riley Baseline Spinner Luggage

It is one of the rolling garment bags that comes in vertical style. Briggs and Riley is the most desired bag for travelers.

It is made up of the most amazing ballistic fiber that makes it abrasion resilient and water-resistant.

You can quickly locate your items in the bag due to its soft and durable material.

Its most exciting feature is that the rolling wheels can move 360 degrees. If you are getting late for departure, then you can comfortably run along with this rolling bag.

One more fantastic aspect is the compression technology, which provides more space for the items for storage.

Bring your garments directly from the drawers to the garment bag with no bars inside. Forget wrinkles on the clothes with a foam roll bar.

You will enjoy an ample space which allows you to open and close quickly.

One thing that you will have to take care of while moving with it is that it falls off always. The front wheels are small and go on smoothly, and if not positioned correctly, it falls off.

Can I take my Laptop to it?

Yes, there is a large compartment for extra stuff.

What is the Capacity of the Bag?

The bag has compression technology, and it is highly expandable.

Can I carry this Bag on Vacation?

This one is a large capacity bag, and you can carry it anywhere along.

How many Suits can you Pack in this Garment Bag?

You can easily pack six suits in the bag.

10. AEROLITE Carry on Garment Bag

Do you want to look stylish and organized on a business tour?

Pack your items in a carry-on and rolling garment bag from AEROLITE.

It is highly convenient for the trips in planes and trains. You can carry your things in the most compact form.

Are you tired of carrying shoulder bags?

Then keep rolling your bag with smooth wheels and extended handle with adjustable heights. It has skate wheels, which allows you to move the bag under the seat quite quickly.

Due to its compactness sliding it under the narrow seat is not so difficult.

For more convenience and ease, there are multiple pockets on the exterior and interior of the bag.

The interior pockets are made up of plastic compartments, which enables you to keep your wet clothes easily.

You can keep your laptops or other digital gadgets in the front pockets and drinks or eatables on the side pockets.

If you are searching for too many garment bags, then stop the search you have reached the right point on your search.

But use it carefully if you overfill the container. It might get torn easily due to its soft and flexible material.

What is the Size of the Bag?

There are three different digital locks on the bag pockets. There are combination locks you can quickly secure your belongings in it.

Does this Bag have any Locks?

There are three different digital locks on the bag pockets. There are combination locks you can quickly secure your belongings in it.

Does this have a Strap to put it on the Shoulder?

NO, there is no strap on the bag. There are rolling wheels that are comfortable to roll it anywhere you want.

What are the Benefits of using a Garment Bag for Travel?

The travel garment bags are concise and compact to carry along on a trip. They are lightweight and comfortable.

There is a bundle of advantages using a garment bag.

Are you planning to go on a business tour?
Do you have less time for packing your stuff?

Need not to worry anymore pack two to three suits right from your closet to the garment bag without getting them creased or unpressed.

Garment bags fills the space between the suitcase and a handbag, it has multiple compartments, with mesh pockets providing you extra room for your extra stuff.

It gives the perfect blend to you if you are planning to go on a two to three days long trip.

Are you afraid of the wrinkles on the clothes?
Do you want a presentable appearance everywhere you go?

Hang on and purchase the perfect garment bag to fulfill your wish to look organized.

Even if you are in a rush, you can hang your clothes directly in the car, train, or hotel rooms. Or else you can slide your garment bags in the space under your chair in planes.

Most of the garment bags have rolling wheels to take them sliding along with you, or else some of the garment bags are carry on luggage bags you can easily carry them on your shoulders anywhere.

But most of the travel garment bags have both qualities to provide you comprehensive benefits.

What should you keep in mind to select the best Carry on Garment Bag?

As we have chosen the best possible options for rolling garment bags and carry on garment bags.

It might get confusing to you before selecting between them. Everyone has a different perspective of traveling and different modes of going on a tour.

Many of you might be going on regular business tours, and for that, you need to make your packing compact.

For a two to a three-day-long trip, you need only three suits along with you with your extra accessories.

You need to take the size, weight, and storage capacity in mind before going for a particular option.

Frequent flyers or regular travelers will always go for a sturdy and secure option.

Carry on a garment bag with the capacity of three suits to the minimum will be a better option.

On the other hand, a business traveler will likely take a rolling garment bag for traveling with ease and comfort. Sophistication and presentability are what you need to seek in your purchase.

Help Yourself with the Best Pick.

As you have a long list of top picks of the best rolling garment bag for travel — all you need to choose wisely before going on a trip.

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