flying for the first time what to expect

Flying is the dream.

Ask from someone who has not flown as of yet to express his flying expectation to be openly said.

And you will get to know of so many laughable points.

But what if those expectations are NOT anywhere near to realities?

Yup, the hard flying realities which one would have to face when getting onboard over the first-ever flight.

If that is you, the expectations that you would have in your head… And, that is alright.

Not experiencing anything but one can still expect what would happen.

But that is us who would clear up all of your expectations AND will update you with the hard-fact realities.

The realities you would experience taking your first flight.

The first flight…

For any of the unknown reason, may folks are not given the opportunity to take a flight.

The reasons could be…

  • Age factor.
  • Fear.
  • Better means to travel than taking the flight.
  • Or… I just do not want to take a flight anyhow.

Flying for the first time what to expect: Expectation vs Reality

Let’s get to count the expectations and the realities when hitting for the first-ever flight experience and that too, for the first time.

Expectation # 1:

You get the flight during the day time.

Reality #1:

Okay, that is very much possible but is not entirely possible.

You may either get the flight during the early morning (well before the dawn) or late in the night but you may or may NOT get it in the broad daylight.

While and as I said, it is possible but may not actually be possible.

So, talk this out with your flight booking agent to see if you got the options.

Most of the international flights are scheduled to take off in late-night or before the dawn time.

Getting to the airport at such times can be a little challenging in case you are not equipped with your own means of transportation to get you to the airport.

Expectation # 2:

You are through the check-in counter in a wink’s time.

Reality # 2:

Okay… Be ready for that.

You find the check-in counter empty… Oh, GOD! What a dream!!

It can be possible given to the fact your airport got so many open counters to pass through the folks.

But not all of the time it is entirely possible.

  • The queue could be long enough to make you wait for many minutes before your turn comes in.
  • You are standing at the wrong counter.
  • You get hit with the problems with your ticket or the passport and need it to be checked properly before being issued with the boarding card.

So, anything can happen. Just be and get prepared for it.

Expectation # 3:

You will be passed through the security check-in a minute.

Reality # 3:

Yeah, you can unless the airport is not packed with the rush prior to the events such as the Easter or Christmas to kick in.

Such times can have you to wait for long, the longer time to get closer to the security check counter even if there are many officers in place to ease out the process.

So, reach before the time (and well before the time) when you are traveling for the first time around these situations/events.

A jammed-packed airport can lead you to miss your flight in case it is on time and you have to wait for your turn to get on board over the flight.

Expectation # 4:

You opt for your favorite meal over the flight to make your first-ever flight memorable when booked your ticket weeks ago.

And you are as excited to taste that food.

Reality # 4:

The minute you sit into the plane and the food cart arrives.

You expected your favorite meal that you chose at the time of booking the ticket.

But… Wait.

You are not given your favorite meal to taste and eat.


Because the flight attendant did not have the record of you choosing your favorite meal.

Okay, such errors are meant to happen and if they happen, they do happen.

So, be prepared for that as well.

This major inconvenience can cause you a lot of stress and can even force you to put into the panic condition.

But you got to be prepared for it, please.

Expectation # 5:

You can bear the extra hour and the airline staff would happily adjust it for you.

Reality # 5:

An extra kilogram in the luggage can cause you not just the inconvenience BUT money, too.

Airline staff cannot let it in without charging it OR you would be given the option to take out the stuff off the luggage.

So, what you can do here is to keep some room in your hand luggage to adjust some of the stuff off of your main luggage.

If you can, you can save yourself the good bucks from paying to let your luggage get the place in the airplane’s luggage compartment.


Expectation # 6:

Your flight is always on time.

Reality # 6:

Well, that ALWAYS is not ALWAYS RIGHT.

This is the fact that has to be checked beforehand.

Because not everything is on their prior time/schedule.

Check some hours earlier (possibly 12 hours before) to inquire if the flight is on time.

Believe me, that will save you from a lot of hassle and the time.

It is better to wait at home than over the airport if your flight is delayed for a few hours.

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The conclusion

Taking the first flight is ALWAYS exciting.

And consider yourself lucky enough because this opportunity is given to very few folks around the globe.

But the expectations could NOT turn to be the realities as you do not know what could actually happen at the time of leaving and reaching to the airport to catch your very first flight in your lifetime.

but the mentioned expectations with their counter realities can solve much of your problems beforehand.

So I say and mark again, be well prepared for facing the inconvenience.

And if you can, you can enjoy every minute of your first flight!

So… A very good luck to you for taking your Flying for the first time experience with all of the realities in hand to counter with.

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