gift ideas for someone travelling

Travelling is something like breathing; it is the perfect food for your soul.

If you have a friend, who is a complete wanderlust, a tourist who loves to visit different places within a year, then they would like to get the experiences above all.

Get a perfect gift for them which adds up in their experiences and adventures.

Gifting is considered as a noble deed, and you must gift something which seems to be equally essential and functional to you.

During your travel, you must be accompanied by things which prove to be very helpful and practical.

Selecting the best possible gift for someone going travelling can be a little confusing.

So to end up your confusion, we have jotted down unique gift ideas for someone going travelling.

25 of the Best Gift Ideas For Someone Going Travelling in 2020

The first and foremost thing while planning a trip is packing.

To find a quintessential suitcase which falls perfect for packing numerable things all together is something significant and yet tricky.

We have shortlisted such packing essentials for you, which would ultimately help you in sorting a perfect gift for your traveler.

Best Travel Gifts Under $60

1. Bag Packs

Staying organized and concise when you are travelling around the world is so much important.

You need a backpack that carries a bundle of things all at the same time. Wowbox Canvas Leather Bag is such a bag which is useful and convenient.

It is applicable for all types of outdoor activities; you can easily carry on hiking and tricking, great shopping or business tours.

It is a cute leather bag with a lot of compartments, gives space to many items altogether with extra room.

A high-quality bag which is quite large, spacious and sturdy. It gives you style and comfort to your shoulders. 

We have another very stylish opinion on the list.

Wowbox Duffel Bag is even more spacious and big. It has an extra shoe compartment with adjustable straps.

Easy to carry on and also a highly attractive leather bag.

It has a lot of room for your belongings, clothing and used stuff. The best gift that your travel friend will love to take.

2. Packing Cubes

When you have a lot of things to be packed on your list, then you need just the right stuff to carry them along with you.

Packing cubes are available, which maximizes your space and provides extra storage.

E-bag Packing Cubes are something in which you find the most compulsory thing on your wish list.

They come in variable sizes that provide valuable fits to your essentials. Highly durable, with no tears and cuts.

Top-quality and breathable material used in its manufacturing.

They are incredibly light in weight and adjust extra baggage easily. Also Best known for long vacations Trips and Adventures.

They are highly functional and will prove to be helpful.

Best Travel Gifts Under $30

3. Jewelry Pouches

Women love to carry jewelry with them on any professional or vacation trip. Organizing jewelry in bag packs can be a difficult task.

You cannot carry large jewelry boxes everywhere. When it comes to the delicate earrings or necklaces, they get easily damaged under the weight of the luggage in the bag.

To save you from this hassle we have a better solution for you. Portable jewelry pouches that help you to organize your jewelry items carefully.

Ellis James Designs Travel Jewelry Pouches help you organize your accessories tangle-free.

There are different pockets that prevent your necklaces from getting jumbled, separate ring holders, detachable makeup pouch.

The material used is waterproof with extra padding. 

Caperci Jewelry Travel Organizer Bag is another option for organizing your stuff like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches without any disturbance and damage.

It does not require a lot of space in your suitcase or bag packs. It provides you with extra storage and space for delicate items.

With this in your bag, you don’t need to worry about the expensive possessions.

You can set your jewelry items with sophistication and decency in it. It is the best gift a woman can have for her travelling.

4. Toiletry Bags

The passionate travelers always need something special to gear up their trip.

We understand the complexity of packing the stuff for long routes.

So we know that when you are travelling, you need to keep all the everyday items collective and in one place.

Hence we have an attractive option for that, toiletry bags.

D&D Wanderlust Toiletry Bags are what you will be looking for:

They are specially designed for personal and versatile toiletries. It has multiple large pockets for keeping toothpaste, shampoos, body wash or face wash, etc.

It consists of different compartments and meshes pockets for holding toothbrushes, hairbrushes or shaving kit items.

You can fill it up with everything you need, or you might need during your travel.

It has a small hook so you can easily hang it where ever you want while using it.

It is a must-have for travelers. A useful and most practical gift one can never forget.

5. Reusable Silicone Food Bags

We haven’t discussed any food storage item yet.

When you are travelling for a more extended period, you also like to carry many dry food items along with you.

Like cookies, dry fruits, frozen food or candies, etc.

If someone is planning to go on a camping trip, then they need a lot of food items to be carried along with them.

Instead of keeping large rubber boxes or the original cardboard packing of the food, store your food in highly adjustable silicone bags.

Lemason Silicon Bags are specially designed for the food items so that they can be easily taken on trips.

They are nicely adjusted in your bag packs or suitcases.

They are leak-proof, easily cleaned, reusable, and with this, in your bag, you don’t need to take your freezer bags.

The secure zip on technology allows you to open and close quickly. They are best for storage and can be used to gift someone who is a food lover.

Best Travel Gifts Under $20

If your friend is travelling on a long flight or going on a road trip, then they would need stuff that provides comfort to them during their journey.

Last year when I went for a long road trip, I was quite concerned about the concise accessories I could carry along with me for my ease and comfort.

Based on my experience and tests, we were able to make a precise list of products that prove to be very helpful for a traveler.

6. Neck Rest Pillows and Sleep Mask

While travelling on the long routes, or waiting for the delayed flights or when you are in an Economic Class flight then backaches, neck discomfort, and headaches are a common issue.

We have found a solution to eliminating all these problems. 

VISHNYA Travel Neck Pillows Sleep Mask is what most of the travelers need to the utmost. It is a soft pillow specifically designed to balance your neck.

It provides complete support to the neck when your head leans back or side to side. The sides of the pillow are kept a little higher to support the crown.

The pair of sleep shades provide comfort to your eyes in high light. They do not allow any light to get through them.

The combination of eye mask and neck rest pillow provides the traveler to relax and feel comfortable even on a bumpy road trip, or in an economy class, you can feel the aura of a business class travel.

Your friends will always remember this gift when they will travel in ease.

Best Travel Gifts Under $25

7. Portable Battery

If you are in the middle of the road trip or on a long flight, and your mobile phone battery goes dead.

What will you do during the journey when no one else can help out in this freaking situation?

How will you connect to the outer world?
How will you contact someone to help you out?

In the technological era, you cannot imagine your mobile battery going down. So to keep it upbeat and live every time we have a perfect solution for travelers.

Why worry when portable chargers are there. There is a massive market of portable chargers that provide high battery time, power and compatibility with different devices.

We advise you the best among them.

Anker PowerCore 10000 is quite handy, and it is sleek in design and light in weight that it can be easily carried in your bag packs where ever you go.

It can charge more than two devices at one time. 

Its compatibility and durability make it’s an excellent product, and it’s the most useful asset to be given as a gift. Your friends will always be grateful to you for this.

8. Comfortable Slippers

Whenever you are going on a business or Recreational trip, all you are seeking is comfort and ease.

That is only possible when you have beautiful, comfortable dresses and easy-going pair of slippers.

Your traveler will find coziness and tranquillity when they will jump into the pair of slippers which you have gifted them.

Fendou Comfortable Slippers are specially designed for women. They will enjoy wearing them in lavish hotel rooms.

They are cozy and very comfortable. They are high quality, washable and very light that can easily be packed anywhere even in small bag packs.

ULTRAIDEAS are comfortable slippers for men.

They are stylish and comfy for men. They are also lightweight and can be easily packed in suitcases.

Best Travel Gifts Under $40

9. Comfortable Boots

You cannot roam streets, road pavements, or distant destinations on feet. Your tracking trip can never be easy if you do not own a perfect pair of boots.

One of the unique gifts for your wanderlust friend can be a comfortable and stylish pair of boots.

Although there are many options of beautiful booties we have shortlisted a comfortable pair which are secure, provides support, doesn’t hurt and is yet very stylish.

Suadex Boots can be used for both the genders. It is fun wearing them in walking for long routes and tracking.

Best Camping Gifts

The most adventurous and treacherous trips are off camping.

A traveler learns and experiences a lot on a camp. Where he is on his own, no luxurious facilities available.

You have to cook, camp and track. So, you need to select wisely, which thing is essential to gift a Camper.

It must be beneficial and practical enough. To save your time in searching for a perfect hamper, we have listed a few useful items, especially for camping.

10. Camping Stove

One of my favorites, while we were selecting, is camping stove. When you are on a camp expedition, the first and foremost thing to do is cooking on your own. 

Ohuhu Camping Stove is a sturdy stainless steel stove best known for BBQ. They are highly portable and can be easily carried in bags.

It is compact and light in weight. Its unique feature is that it works on natural extracts.

Gifting such a valuable thing, your beloved friend would most admire this practical thing

Best Travel Gifts Under $250

11. Portable Tent

A camp trip without tents cannot be possible. A vent is a perfect gift for a traveler or a backpacker.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent for a whole family camping experience.

We found it extremely beneficial for the travelers, camping with their whole family.

It is waterproof, adjustable, and time-saving. You can set it on the ground in no time without any disturbance and inconvenience.

You can observe privacy with its room divider. So all the adventure lovers explorers can have fun near the riverside or on mountains having these advance vents.

12. Sleeping Bags

As far as the camping expedition is concerned, we cannot imagine it without a sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags are as important as the camping vents. 

TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag is warm and completely padded. It is a perfect present for the one who is out for some adventure.

It is a long, spacious and double mattress for extra support and comfort. A zipper on the side to make it close and warm.

Anyone can find complete comfort while sleeping in them, and it gives the feel that you are sleeping on your home bed.

It has interior pockets for storage and a carrying bag. You will get the best quality features.

13. Multi-tool Kit

The traveler requires many different objects to survive on a camp trip. One primary necessity is a multi tool kit.

You cannot manage various tools scattered in a bag, and at the time of need, you are unable to find that particular tool. 

Bibury Multifunctional Pliers have all the necessary tools all in one. It consists of 18 tools that are easy to carry and handy.

It is tough and reliable for any outdoor activity. Best use in hunting, fishing, opening cans or bottle caps. The knives are sharp.

It can be the most practical present for your friend who loves adventures.

14. Coffee Maker

A coffee lover cannot survive a trip without a cup of coffee. It is as essential as food for the body.

On long trips of camping when a traveler is carrying so many concise things for use. He will need a perfect coffee maker to make himself a soothing cup for relaxing.

Asobu Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker is something unique for presenting. Your friend will surely love it.

It brews the coffee instantly and quite easy to use. Stainless steel cups can help you keep it for a long time. It is portable, and you can easily carry it in your bag packs. It will not take much space.

Fun Gifts for Travelers

For all the fun lover travelers, who never want any break or pause in their entertainment.

People who love nature and want to capture every single moment of their travel for a lifetime.

They need such gadgets that help them in their journey with endless fun and festivity.

Here we have a list of products that you can gift your beloved travelers.

15. Noise Cancellation Headphones

On an elongated trip of the airplane, or to avoid the hustle and bustle of the airport you need a perfect pair of noise-canceling headphones.

TaoTronics bring you a completely functional headphone. They block the outside noises completely, without the interruption of music.

They are comfortable, portable and have high battery time. They give you style and sensation of being alone.

This is the perfect gift for someone who’s travelling on airplanes.

16. Digital Camera

We all love to capture our best moments of traveling for a lifetime. An ideal digital camera is a seamless gift for photographers.

Canon Power Shot SX420 is the digital camera with high pixels, excellent quality, and versatile features.

It provides incredible clarity and proximity. Canon has never disappointed its users. It is small and compact; you can easily carry within your bag packs.

It also comes with many other accessories, but most of the time, they don’t come in general use.

Hence it is the best gift for hikers, campers, and other bag packers.

17. Selfie Stick

It seems like everyone is taking selfies these days. The technological advancements have made everyone a photographer.

Travelling alone is not a big deal these days. You can take pictures of your own by taking a selfie.

Lifestyle Tripod Stand comes with extensive features:

  • Camera pole: selfie stick
  • Handheld tripod: camera holder
  • Tabletop tripod
  • Elevated mode

Express your care and love with exclusively featured tripod stand. It is truly amazing for iPhone, Samsung, and Go, pro owners.

18. Music Amplifier

Most of our fun lover friends are interested in listening to music on loud wherever they go. These kinds of travelers love to carry their Amplifiers with them.

LarKoo Ultra-Portable Music Amplifier connects with your mobile phones easily via Bluetooth. They are highly compatible, portable, and lightweight.

You can easily adjust them in your suitcases or handy bags. You feel zero distortion of music.

Make the travelers enjoy their trip with hassle-free loud music.

Travel Items Every Traveler Must Have

There are some products that travelers must have in their bags no matter what the travel location is.

If you have these products in your pocket, you will face no problem during your journey.

19. Portable Luggage Scale

When travelling in planes, loads of things must be taken into consideration. Airlines weigh each luggage bag according to the set standards.

Nowadays, the airline’s baggage fees are getting out of control. 

For your convenience, we have a portable luggage scale option for you. Etekcity Portable Digital Scale helps you accurately.

Now you can weigh your bags to the maximum weight limit without going over.

20. Sunblock

Going on long vacations can affect your skin ultimately. Travelers face climatic change with the change in the area.

Having fun on beaches in summers, in scorching sun heat, is a playful time for you. But it has adverse effects on your skin.

To save your skin from the sunburns, apply an adequate sunscreen lotion.

Neutrogena Beach Defense is a water-resistant body lotion which protects you from burning effects of the sun.

21. Moisturizers

Travelling to the cold areas, snowfalls, and rainy weather will make your skin dry and scratchy.

To avoid those scratch marks on your face and body apply, Weleda Moisturizer, which gives lasting softness and shine to your skin.

Gift your traveler friend set of these moisturizers to save their sensitive skin from getting disturbed.

22. Filter Straw Travel Bottle

The most evident and essential product to carry on a journey is a water bottle. You cannot stop again and again for drinking water. Or buying a new pure water bottle can cost you a lot.

So go for SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle, which has filter straw and automatically filters the water obtaining from streams or puddles during a hunting or hiking trip.

It provides safe and healthy drinking water. No matter what the location is, you have no fear of germs and bacteria in the water anymore with Survimate filter bottles in your bags.

What can be better than giving purity as a gift to your traveler mate?
Go for it.

Travel Gifts for Someone Travelling with Kids

You will encounter the most difficult situations when you are travelling with children.

The tantrums and unusual sleep hours of kids make your journey quite a treacherous job.

Moreover, when you have kids accompanying you on long routes, there is so much stuff to be packed, and you need separate backpacks for them.

So keeping all those tests and trails in minds and experiencing a particular similar situation, we have added some products on the list which you can think of gifting a traveler parent for their ease and comfort.

23. Diaper Bag

The most important thing when you are travelling with kids is a big diaper bag. It accommodates all the extra clothes, diapers, feeders, cereal bags, snacks, and playing toys.

There are many more things which need to be taken care of when you are travelling with kids.

Jewelvwatchro Diaper Bag Packs are in these days, best handy travel bags, they are very spacious.

They are highly portable; the bag pack style makes it easy to carry anywhere on shoulders.

What else you can think to gift a mother of a toddler or a mother to be going travelling.

24. Baby Carrier Belt

Walking on long pavements, high streets, or climbing mountains is very difficult when you are carrying a toddler child along with you.

Baby Bjorn Carrier Belts have made your job easy. It provides complete support to the baby’s head and back.

It tightly holds your baby mass. It offers free space for the natural limb movement.

Wearing this belt on, you can easily hold your baby even without touching. The parent’s hands and shoulders stay relaxed for a long time.

Also, the baby feels secure and safe.

This is one of the vital gift for anybody that travelling with their kids.

25. Feeder Sterilizer

Another essential thing when you are going with a kid is the sterilization of feeding bottles.

OMORC Bottle Sterilizer is portable, easy to carry, and easy to handle.

It is something very unique and a big necessity, even in daily routine.

And when you are travelling on longer routes cleaning and washing a feeding bottle can be a pain.

So when you are planning to gift something to your traveler friend who is also a parent, OMROC bottle sterilizer is a perfect option.

Making Memories for Travelers

Buying a perfect gift for the travel lovers must not be very tricky.

The traveler you are buying gifts for will be grateful for these epic and incredibly awesome gifts.

To make your loved ones happy and content, forget your budget and precious time.

So here is our list of useful gift ideas for someone going travelling. I hope you will find this guide helpful.

And help your traveler friends in making great memories.

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