Probing about how to travel the world?

11 things to do before traveling internationally

Traveling abroad carefree is a tedious job! There are a lot of things you need to remember while planning for an international trip.

The key to traveling is well prepared and well planned.

So if you are planning for the first international trip or want to be better prepared for the next trip abroad?

Here we are counting down with the most helpful piece of advice and activities that will help you to accomplish your preparation before going on an international trip.

Things to do Before International Travel


The number one thing you must do before traveling abroad is to check your passport expiration date.

It is often overlooked! Yes!

Checking your passport and their expiry date are often not given priority.

To enter most of the countries, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your final day of travel.

If your passport is near expiry or if you are running out of pages in it, then don’t think twice go for its renewal at the earliest! The next renewal of the passport may be very costly and take up to 6 to 8 weeks.


Make sure that you have gone through all your essential documentation and scanned them expertly.

One of the most important things to do before traveling abroad is making a copy of your documents.

Keep a copy of your relevant documents at the safest place of your home with your family. Plus, one copy must be along with you in your bags.

Most probably nothing dramatic is going to happen to you on your trip.

But you never know!

To be safe from any mishap, keep proof of your identification!


Before booking anything on your international travel, do not forget to check on your travel advisory.

Has a government issue with traveling warning on your desired destination?

If yes! Then think wisely, whether to visit that place or not! Double-check on the travel advisory and make your decision.

For details and advice, you can visit Travel State.Gov.


One of the most important things to do before traveling abroad is checking on your health.

Before leaving, make sure that you have gone through proper vaccinations and checkups.

There are conventional vaccines for travelers.

But there are certain destinations and unique adventurous places that call for specific vaccines. Make sure that you schedule your vaccines some weeks earlier.

Many of them have side effects, so to save yourself from any anxiety or pressure, take them before time.

One more important thing is checking on your prescriptions and medicines. If you are a person who is on regular medication, pack enough with you to last for the whole trip.

Your travel destination might not have the same medication that you are dependent on!

Make yourself relax before you leave for your trip.

Double-check your health and diet. Make sure to have a complete sleep. Take good care of your health before your trip.


Travelling can be great fun, but you need to be very responsible before going on an international trip.

You can be responsible only for planning! Don’t forget to make your travel insurance permit.

If anything happens to you during your trip, any epidemic hits on you, natural calamity, or sudden death, then you will not have to pay from your pocket.

Be prepared for any possibility that may happen to you!


The next thing that you must do before leaving for an international trip is that you should know your destination.

Do not make immediate plans for staying up in a hotel. Book your accommodation in advance!

The key is searching. Search widely on different websites like AirbnbExpediaTrivago, or Goibibo for affordable hotel rooms on your desired destinations.


Be vigilant! Save all your personal information, residential address, phone numbers, and flight details on your handy notebooks.

Nowadays, notes on your smartphones are very convenient to make. So before boarding on an international flight, pen down all the necessary information. Stay safe!


Notify your banks, pay your bills, and inform them about your traveling abroad.

Don’t surprise yourself!

Know the conversion rate, know your credit cards. Most countries accept credit cards. Plus, learn about the expiration date of your credit cards.

It’s always good to have Cashed in hand. Countries, where you will find difficulty in using credit cards or where to find ATM, will be hectic, Cash will do its job.

So to avoid any inconvenience, take a little more cash than you need.


A significant to-do on your list before leaving for an international trip must be RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and a lot of RESEARCH.

Before booking a tour, find out what events, holidays or festivals are going there?

What kind of climate is like?

Is it Hot, Humid, Dry, Windy, or icy cold?

If it suits your taste, then go ahead!

Find out what is the peak season for traveling or Travel in the low season. Going in the low season can save your budget exceptionally. To find out more valid tricks and tips, take a look at 15 Practical Ways To Save Money While Traveling.

There are many more things that you can research like, local customs, exchange rates, clothing that are applicable.

In addition to that, learn key phrases of the following country, like THANK YOU, HEY, or WHERE IS THE TOILET? You will stay at ease while communicating.

Readout guide books! Watch some traveling related videos! Or for detailed guidance, read travel-related articles on Traveler Guardian.


Traveling without electronics is a nightmare! But to save yourself becoming it even worse pack your electronics with a lot more care. Further, you can choose from our Best Headphones for Travel list.

Learn about different voltage parameters in different countries before leaving for an international trip.

One particular thing to do before traveling abroad is figuring out your phones.

Carry the best portable and compact charger for saving your phones from going dead. Plus, buy a perfect data package for protecting you from going offline.


What should you take with you on your trip? We suggest packing light and smart. You need to pack only those things that you need on the trip.

Packing for long international trips can be a bit tricky but if you efficiently make precise packing then you will stay at ease.

For more information read:
10 of the Best Packing Cubes for Backpacking in 2020

Pack your comfortable footwear, light clothes, and small snacks. If you are habitual of some specific diet or a choosy eater then don’t forget to pack snacks along with you.


If you are traveling for the first time, you will find it very difficult. It will seem like there are a lot of things to do before an international trip.

things to do before traveling abroad planning tips

But everything is more straightforward and more comfortable the more you do it.

Following our well-established tips on things to do before international travel aids you in every single step. Take one action at a time.

Do not leave everything at the last minute!

Plan wisely and calmly!


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