Hey, planning for a trip to spend your best vacations in 2020. Here is your guide that will help you to pick the right place to travel.

International travel has increased from the last 10 years, especially for tourism.

International Tourism Graph

People love to visit different cities, love to taste new foods and they also love to meet new people; and for this, they plan trips to different countries.

Here are the places which should be your top priority in 2020:

1. Snæfellsnes, Iceland

Why visit? This​ is the place known for its attractive and mesmerizing landscapes.

Situated in the western part of Iceland spreads its magic upon the visitor because of its incredible views including mountains, ocean, greenery, and clear weather.

The north coast of Snæfellsnes​ has a fishing village surrounded by exceptionally beautiful mountains.

This area is also the home of the most iconic and photographed landmarks and also of mountain Kirkjufell​ that is 1500 ft up from the sea level.

Amazing Places to Travel in 2020 ( Snæfellsnes )

Who can go? This area is adventurous so young boys and girls should visit.​

What not to miss? The​ national park in Snæfellsnes​ is a must to visit.

Wildlife especially flying sea birds creates tremendous scenery along the beach area. A seal colony can also be seen along the beachside.

2. Chichen Itza, Mexico

Why visit? This​ is an archeological site with ruins of the old civilization of the large Maya city including an iconic step pyramid.

This pyramid is known as El-Castillo or Temple of Kukulcan.

This pyramid shows the intelligent and forecasting mind of the people of Maya city who built a structure that survived so many hundreds of years.

Other places include Temple of Warriors which is a structure comprising hundreds of columns surrounding the huge Temple.

At some distance is the Great Ball Court which has its every end a raised temple. It also has a remarkable sound system.

A sound from one end can be heard at the other end.

Last but not least is Sacred Cenote. It is considered that this sinkhole was used for the sacrifice of many things.

world's most beautiful places to travel (Chichen Itza)

Who can go? Families​ can go easily and spend their time seeking the beautiful structures built by old civilization.

What not to miss? El​ Castillo, Temple of Warriors, Great Ball Court and Sacred Cenote are near to each other so no one should miss any of these places.

3. Cappadocia, Turkey

Why visit? This​ region nowadays is a tourism hub because of its historical values and adventurous places. The important places to visit are:

  • Göreme: The open-air museum
  • Zelve: Open-air museum
  • Uchisar: Roman rock-cut castle
  • Avanos: It’s center of pottery
  • Caravanserais: 13th-century hotels on the Silk Road
  • Pasabag: Mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys
  • The forgotten cave churches: Churches in the valleys
  • The famous hot air balloon ride
25 most beautiful places in the world (Cappadocia)

Who can go? Families can come here and enjoy because it is safe and secure​.

What not to miss? Underground cities and open-air museums must be visited.

4. Sigiriya, ​​Sri Lanka

Why visit? The​ historical Sigiriya Rock Fortress is surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking landscapes that mesmerize the viewer with its greenery, clouds, high mountain, and horizon view.

It is known as a lion’s rock situated in the Matale district.

Visitors climb up to the ancient ruins which are surrounded by beautiful gardens and water ponds.

You can climb up to this place to see the surrounding forests, dramatic horizon, and Mountain View.

top 25 most beautiful places in the world (Sigiriya)

Who can go? Young​ people are preferable to go because it’s unsafe for old people and kids.

What not to miss? Everything in Sigiriya is not to be missed.

5. Kyoto, ​​Japan

Why visit? Kyoto​ was once the capital of Japan and the residence of Emperor.

It’s famous for its old Buddhist temples, holy shrines, traditional wooden houses, and gardens.

It’s also famous for the traditional Kaiseki dining that consists of multiple dishes.

most beautiful place in the world (Kyoto)

Who can go? Everyone​ should visit along with their families to enjoy the old civilization rendered into the modern look.

What not to miss? Nijo Castle should be visited as it was the residence of the first shogun but now it’s open for public.

Nishiki market is a narrow shaped long market comprising of more than one hundred shops and restaurants and it’s known as Kyoto’s kitchen.

Kyoto Aquarium is a modern aquarium and it hashes Japanese Giant Salamander. The aquarium also features the rare species of marine life.

Kyoto National Museum is​ a great place to visit. It was opened in 1897 and it’s one of the oldest museums in Japan. Its premium collection is displayed for the public.

6. Nairobi National Park, ​​Kenya

Why visit? If​ you are planning to see the world’s most vast wildlife then welcome to Nairobi National Park.

It is located approx 7 kilometers south of Nairobi.

There is nothing in the world that matches this much adventure than this park because it is separated only by the electric fence from Nairobi the capital of Kenya.

The park is full of attractions because it has lions, buffalos, giraffes, leopards, baboons, zebras, and wildebeest. Cheetahs, hyenas, gazelles and many other animals.

beautiful places to travel (Nairobi National Park)

Who can go? Everyone​ can go there but in a shielded SUV otherwise, it would be the last day of anyone who is visiting.

What not to miss? Safari​ car ride is the main attraction that brings you closer to your favorite animals you have always seen on tv.

This park is also known for its birdlife because it has more than 300 species of birds.

7. Boulders Beach, ​South Africa

Why visit? Boulders​ beach is a popular tourist destination because it has a lot of wandering penguins.

They are African penguins settled here in 1982. You should bring an umbrella, shades and sun cream.

beautiful places to travel in 2020 (Boulders Beach)

Who can go? People​ can go with their loved ones, especially kids to enjoy with penguins.

What not to miss? You​ can go closer to the penguins and even take a picture with them.

You can also swim in the water but you should not play with them or feed them. Currently, there are 2000 to 3000 penguins.

8. Kumrat Valley, ​Pakistan

Why visit? Kumrat​ valley was recently discovered and since then it has been a great attraction area for beauty seekers.

It is known as “Heaven on Earth”.

This​ valley is located in the KPK province of Pakistan. IT has a river, mountains, lush greenery, dense deodar forests.

places to travel 2020 (Kumrat)

Who can go? Adventure and nature lovers should come here.​

What not to miss? The​ 4*4 ride from Swat valley towards the Kumrat valley should not be missed.

Everyone should visit the Kumrat valley at least once in his life. Small food stalls along the way towards Kumrat Valley help you in the hour of feed.

9. Paris, ​​France

Why visit? Paris​ is known as the city of love because millions of people come here to spend some romantic time.

Paris has its famous Eiffel Tower which is its landmark.

You can also spend special time with your loved ones in a boat in the evening when Paris is lit up with millions of lights.

amazing places to travel (Paris)

Who can go? Ambiance will be liked more by the Love birds.​

What not to miss? Boat​ ride should not be missed. Different kinds of food should be tried as Paris has a diverse culture.

10. Rio de  Janeiro, ​​Brazil

Why visit? It is​ a large seaside city of Brazil and its famous for its beaches. The huge Christ the Redeemer statue located on mount Corcovado is the landmark of the city.

Other than that it has a beautiful coastline, amazing hikes, incredible views, waterfalls, delicious food and thriving nights.

Rio de Janeiro

Who can go? People who want to enjoy must give a try to this city.

What not to miss? Everything​ is enjoyable but especially incredible views and the thriving nights are a must to do things.

11. Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Why visit? Phi​ Phi island is a stunning beach line featuring clean sand, clear water, always available bars serving cocktails and other drinks, lush green forests, high cliffs, dolphin spotting makes the time worth counting.

You can also spot night dance parties at the beach.

Phi Phi Island

Who can go? Preferably families come here to spend their vacations.

What not to miss? Dance​ parties, delicious food and day time beach scenery makes your time worthy.

12. Füssen, ​​Germany

Why visit? Many​ tourists visit this town because it has many attractions starting with Neuschwanstein Castle.

This town gives Bavarian formation by first look because it has typical Bavarian architecture cobblestoned streets and having cafe chairs where people can enjoy the delicious food.

There are also numerous old churches which everyone should visit.

Füssen, Germany

Who can go? People who want to explore classic beauty can visit here.

What not to miss? Must​ visit King Ludwig’s royal castle as it shows a beautiful Bavarian architect. Also, the outdoor scenery is very attractive.

13. Venice,​​ Italy

Why visit? Venice​ is an ancient town where most of the mode of travel is small boats.

You can hire your boat and can enjoy food, drinks, and music there especially at night when lights are lit up and music is surrounding your ears along with the pleasant ambiance.

Venice,​​ Italy

Who can go? Most couples come here to enjoy the lovely atmosphere​.

What not to miss? The old​ building of Venice will give you an ambiance and thought of its history because Venice has strict rules and restrictions regarding historical preservation.

You must enjoy a boat ride along with dinner with your loved one.

14. Luxor, ​​Egypt

Why visit? Luxor​ was once considered as Pharaoh’s capital when he was at the height of its power.

Here is the famous Karnak Temple whose construction was started almost 4000 years ago and its construction was continued for 2000 years.

When you go to Karnak Temple find the Scarab statue and circle around it clockwise seven times, now you have their ancient God by your side.

Luxor, ​​Egypt

Who can go? People with love for history must come here.​

What not to miss? Luxor​ Temple, Karnak Temple, The valleys of the Kings and Habu Temple must be visited.

15. Dubai, ​​UAE

Why visit? Dubai​ is a metropolitan city.

It is known for its luxury shopping, luxury cars, tallest skyscraper to date, rich people, the largest airlines in the world, the largest shopping mall in the world, the largest man-made island and much much more.

Dubai, ​​UAE

Who can go? Every​ person can go to Dubai to enjoy food, attractive sky touching buildings, adventure parks, etc.

What not to miss? Lovely​ food, attractive parks, desert safari, cruise dinner, Dubai city tour and much more waiting for the people to discover.

16. Cordoba, ​Spain

Why visit? Every​ year in the month of may the Feria de Los Patios is held for the public.

In this many beautiful kinds of flowers are displayed for the public.

These people compete for having the collection of prettiest flowers. This competition can only be seen in Cordoba. So this should not be missed.

Here is also the famous Cordoba Mosque which holds the history of the Muslim era and is built with 850 double arched pillars.

Cordoba, ​​Spain

Who can go? History seekers and lovers should visit.

What not to miss? The​ Cordoba Mosque holds the old prestige of the Muslim era and the old town of Cordoba should be visited.

17. Waitomo,​​ Newzealand

Why visit? Here​ are three caves which are the star of the show.

Waitomo glowworm caves, Ruakuri cave, and Aranui cave are the main attractions for the tourists.

You can travel under these caves in a boat and this experience is fabulous.

These dark caves with glowing worms in the ceiling give an astonish and unmatchable view.

Waitomo,​​ Newzealand

Who can go? Adventure enthusiasts must go visit these caves.

What not to miss? All the three caves are to be explored along with a guide.​

18. Krasnaya Polyana, ​​Russia

Why visit? This​ place is also known as Red Valley.

Russia built a ski facility and Olympics 2014 skiing competition was held here.

The scenery is breathtaking along with snowcapped mountains. World-class resorts are built here to accommodate visitors.

beautiful places list 2020 (Krasnaya Polyana)

Who can go? Couples should go​.

What not to miss? Anyone​ visiting here must do skiing as this is the hot spot of this region.

19. Beijing, ​China

Why visit? Beijing​ is the capital of China. China has a beautiful history of architecture, customs, traditions, and Beijing in the center of them all.

Just outside Beijing is the Great Wall Of China. Tiananmen Square is also one of the main attractions for the tourist.

Having tea is considered a tradition because there is always a different tea for different occasions like green tea, golden monkey tea, gunpowder tea, jasmine tea, and many others to be named.

Beijing, ​​China

Who can go? People​ mostly go with their families to visit these 24 hours lit up the city.

What not to miss? The​ traditional Chinese food can only be found mainly in Beijing.

Food served traditionally on the floor with a small table, chopsticks, and prayer before having food brings you in an early time.

20. Sighisoara, România

Why visit? Sighi​ șoara a beautiful city in Romania covered with mountains and greenery.

Ancient churches, historic buildings and hundreds of years of history make Sighișoaraa place worth visiting.

Sighisoara, România

Who can go? Who has loved and passionate about history and calmness can Go.

What not to miss? Wandering​ in the streets and looking at the beautiful and colorful houses is the main attraction.

21. Kangaroo Island, ​Australia

Why visit? Kangaroo​ island might be unknown to many but it is unique and one of its kind.

Dolphins are also found playing in the sea with their families.

You can enjoy food and drinks on this island with your mate. You will find koalas climbing on the trees and also seals humping along the shoreline. Sandboarding can also be enjoyed here.

Kangaroo Island, ​​Australia

Who can go? People come here with their kids​.

What not to miss? The​ charismatic scenery you can enjoy while sitting on the balcony of your hotel and watching dolphins and kangaroos is unmatchable.

22. Machu Picchu, ​​Peru

Why visit? The​ Sun Gate is the main attraction for this place and it is considered that it was used to control the entry and exit of the people for the city.

Following this is climbing the Huayna Picchu to have a bird’s eye view of the valley beneath. Watchman’s Hut should not be missed because it gives a marvelous view of the whole city from the top.

Machu Picchu, ​​Peru

Who can go? Adventure lovers will love this place.

What not to miss? The central​ plaza is a large area covered with grass that makes a separation between the residential buildings and the functional ones.

23. Kathmandu, ​Nepal

Why visit? Kathmandu​ is a beautiful city of Nepal that surrounded by mountains with snowcapped and greenery depending on the height of the mountain.

Kathmandu is also home to an ancient civilization that has many historic places like Durbar Square or Historic Seat of Royalty and is considered home to Hanuman God (The Monkey God).

Also here is Bhaktapur which is mainly known as the city of Devotees.

Pashupatinath Temple can be found here which is considered as one of the most significant temples of Shiva God.

Kathmandu, ​​Nepal

Who can go? Families and couples.

What not to miss? The traditional​ food of Nepal can be found in Kathmandu served with amazing catering and classic manners.

24. Lauterbrunnen, ​Switzerland

Why visit? By​ the way, the whole of Switzerland is called Heaven on Earth but most of its parts are specific in beauty and one of them is Lauterbrunnen.

This small village is located in south-central of Switzerland.

One who will visit this place for once will always recall its beauty, lush greenery, charismatic scenery, the sunset, cloudy weather, waterfalls, hut shape houses and much more.

Lauterbrunnen, ​​Switzerland

Who can go? Couples can go easily.

What not to miss? Cable​ cars give you a charismatic and breathtaking view of the whole valley along with huge mountains in the Swiss Alps.

Awakening one morning and coming out of your hut and seeing this Heaven on Earth will give you a pleasant mood throughout the day.

25. Stockholm, ​Sweden

Why visit? Stockholm​ is the capital of Sweden and it comprises 14 islands and this city is one of its kind.

The city landscape gives you a beautiful view of the city’s infrastructure with the clear water of the sea.

beautiful places to travel in the world (Stockholm)

Who can go? Families can go easily​.

What not to miss? Here​ you can see almost 400 parks and by this, you can think of the greenery there is in Stockholm.

The best time to visit Stockholm is in summer because people here enjoy a lot in the summer season with different food trucks, special Swedish ice cream, drinks, and outdoor festivals.

The world’s longest Art Exhibition held in Stockholm which covers almost 90% of the subway stations. Stockholm’s coffee culture is the best of all.

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